Story about eagle & crow

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First, know that maybe the translation is not the best thing ever , but I've done in my limited knowledge of English, if you see something that can be corrected , or that sound better , nice to tell you .

This story is taken from an original fragment of the story " The Captain's Daughter " by Aleksandr Sergeyevich Pushkin, one of the greatest writers and poets of my homeland , Russia. This is a small tribute to one of my favorite passages from this book.

I just recently started on these issues. I keep trying to improve, thanks for watching.


The story is a little stupid: Both eagles and crows reach ca. 30 y./a., both feed more or less on the same menu, the percentage of carrion in the eagle's menu being even higher than in the crow's menu.
But that's a Kalmyk story, and the Kalmyks used to drink fresh blood; this is how they justified it. Actually, nothing proves that you live longer if you feed on carrion..
The rating stars are not for the story, but for the translation, which is o.k.

Not bad! I did have trouble understanding the story a little though, but the english captions did help. Good illustrations, you should do more like this!

Alesyamo responds:

Thank you! Such comments encourage me a lot ^^

even with captions i still couldn't understand it.

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