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Fortress Defense

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Protect your fort and make sure they do not reach it and get the change to destroy it. Upgrade your Fort, Sniper, Health and make sure you hold the attack! Hold on as long you can and become the real hero in Fortress Defense!

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i liked it

would be pretty good in 2005

THis game is a poorly choice its good to play for 2,3 minutes but is boring after a certain time

There is a few things I want to say.

The first being, I really think the enemies should come in waves. Not only will this give the player a chance to purchase their upgrades but, it will also give a clearer indication to the player that the enemies are going to be stronger. It was kind of a guessing game as to when the enemies were getting stronger & it nearly caught me out a few times because of it.

Secondly, sometimes it would feel like my bullets don't register. I can't speak for anyone else so it maybe a issue on my end but, in case it isn't, I thought I'd mention it. And a little bit I'll add on is, the reloading is slightly delayed. It seems like the guy finishes reloading way sooner than he does.

Thirdly, I think there should be more variation in enemies. This kind of ties into my first point. With every few waves you could add new enemies. It's not original by any means, as most defense games do that, but it will most certainly keep people playing longer.

I was originally going to criticize you for not including head-shots but (in my case at least) I can live without it; it wasn't a big deal. It still would of been a nice touch. Having said that, it would probably make the game (in it's current form) even more easier.

My final thoughts are, the game is okay. It's nothing special but it's fun to play for a few minutes.


Boring, get your base up and let them line up then take them out all at once. i done that while writing this.

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2.87 / 5.00

Mar 13, 2014
8:27 AM EDT