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The Girl in The Sky

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Author Comments

This cartoon was my first real attempt at anything longer than a minute. The project was ambitious and there are still a lot of things I could have fixed, but here it is.

Sound Effects and Music:

Earthbound OST- Cave
Mother3I- Flowers
Katawa Shoujo OST- School Days
Kevin MacLeod - Various Tracks
Popup Pixels sound


The animation was... less than perfect. The story was pretty confusing at times, though it's mostly based in dreams so it's understandable. The ending was VERY confusing... *SPOILER ALERT* Why was she in the hospital? She's a figment of his imagination! I think the author/animator has a kind of submissive outlook on relationships, seeing as he typically prefers the female protagonist to take the leading role whenever she's present. Nice hearing the KS track though, I must say.

Not going to give this top marks, but I can see that a lot of effoert was put into this project, so I figure a 3/5 would be decent, though I'd rather give a 7/10. Keep practicing at the animation, get more into the story, and I'm sure you'll improve :) For now, good effort!

Also, it reminds me of a dream I had about 13-15 years ago or so. I was only a child, not even a teen, but this woman in said dream left such a profound impact on me that as soon as I woke up, I wanted to go back to sleep again because I missed her so much. I tried to force myself, but simply couldn't get back to sleep to be with her. Sadly I haven't had a dream of her since, even though I think I recall actually getting quite sad that morning out of fear of never seeing her again... but I must say, I'm surprised I even remember it from such a long time ago. Meh, maybe a 4/5 would be better off, thanks for the nostalgia!

Very nice, I actually really like'd this. The music sort of push'd me away but, the general idea was what really entertain'd me.

Very cool! I love the visual direction of the whole thing, every camera angle seemed super appropriate and the art design on everything really fit the overall theme of imagination.
The story was simple, but it worked, and I really love the choice of music at the end.

Despite the choice of music, I think some of the sound effects were a bit distracting. That super-realistic helicopter sound seemed out of place, and the cartoon boings & boops just really took me out of the fantastical elements of the the story & visuals. Perhaps some of the sound effects could have been mixed better, as well. You should definitely look into using left & right channel panning, fading, and volume to your advantage.
Some of the motion seemed a bit awkward as well (especially that walk cycle), but that's a minor point, as I feel the movement worked with your choice of art style.

Overall, you do a great job of creating an interesting fantasy world, and it's only somewhat diminished by the audio design. I definitely enjoyed it and i'm definitely interested to see what you do next :)

Great lil animation there :) I definately enjoyed it. Loved the story.

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I definitely see potential in your art! The brief cameos, while kinda funny, did take me out of the story a little bit. But I really feel the dreams are very dream-like, and the transitions are nicely implemented.

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Credits & Info

3.87 / 5.00

Mar 12, 2014
5:25 PM EDT