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Mar 12, 2014 | 9:51 AM EDT

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Damned 5 Points Died 5 times in a row
First blood 5 Points Attacked within first move
Defensive 10 Points Shield gem was used 10 times
Nerd 10 Points Scored 10,000 points
Reflexive 10 Points Reflection gem was used 10 times
Tasty 10 Points Energy gem was eaten 10 times
Fatal furry 25 Points Death exhaust combo was used 3 times
Gem lord 25 Points 300 gems were collected
Gem strike 25 Points 4 gems in a row were matched
Offensive 25 Points Damage dealt to 300 units total
Combo master 50 Points 3x+ combos were performed
Lucky 50 Points Barely alive winner
Strategic mind 50 Points Almost flawless victory (50%+ HP)
Game completed 100 Points Defeat last monster
Upgrade completed 100 Points All upgrades were applied

Author Comments

One day, Nazgul went to the earth in search of a new victim. Finally he has chosen a poor cat and took him to the dark kingdom of death. But there was one brave hero who decided to save the cat. His name was Meowra, and he always helped those who needed it...



Rated 5 / 5 stars

Really nice take on the "match three or more" genre. I liked the music, too. The Oni fight especially!

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Rated 0 / 5 stars

I like the game, but it gets stuck sometimes on my turn. The clock stops counting, and gems don’t respond to clicking. The graphics remain animated, and the restart button still works.

v0rbis responds:

Hmm.. it is very strange and disappointing for me. What is your os/browser/flash player version?


Rated 3 / 5 stars

alright! meowra! cheeky and surprisingly rather fun game, but, as any game, not without its share of bugs and things it could have done better. i've won a lot of the medals already but i'm not even close to the last level (i'm on the third as i write this), so i'm not sure if things change later on or anything

menuscreen looks alright! i think it could do fine without the characters though. maybe just keep meowra there? maybe just the kitty, i don't know, but i think right now it's a bit cluttered with too many contrasting elements
i also think having both the gameshero and more link is a bit redundant since they seem to lead to the exact same place. i noticed it some of the later game screens too. i'd advise just keeping one, i'd personally prefer more because it fits with the rest of the game but i can understand if you'd want to keep the gameshero one since they were the sponsor

typography is pretty alright! it's consistent for the majority of the game, at least what part i've played of it. could be a bit thinner i suppose.

music and graphics go hand in hand because i want to address something about both which is relevant to the other. the music is sort of a retro 8-bit, which doesn't fit with the partly realistic and partly cartoony flash style you've got going on in the actual game. to me, at least, it'd be better if the graphical style fit with the musical style or the musical style fit with the graphical style. you could change either of these to fit, for more consistency, or leave it as it is. i really think a different graphic style could be nice for this game, but all of this is a hell of a lot of work.

another thing about the graphics is that i believe the background on the level-select screen contrasts too weirdly with the rest. the backgrounds for a lot of the levels are also pretty surreal! maybe draw up something that fits the individual enemy's 'lair' or something.
i also personally think you use gradients too much, but eh.
the biggest thing that strikes me as odd would be the semi-realistic monsters (and even the little kitty's tail, partly) contrasting so much with this big and very cartoony, nonsensical (DAT MECHANICAL ARM) protagonist! i know people do it a lot, but it just looks weird with how much detail there is in the monsters, although this might be personal taste.


the gameplay is pretty standard for this sort of game, i like the randomly generated levels and the fact everything you do has some effect on yourself or the enemy. what i really think this part could use is the attacks being more 'attached' to the characters so it doesn't just look like a cardboard cutout is flinging stuff at a red demon. animate their actions instead of just sort of tilting them a bit! that'd be neat!
another thing i have some problems with is that the attacks are pretty whacky (ONI THE SLIGHTLY GROSS LOOKING SPIDER THING HAS ROCKETS) so i'd like it if they had attacks that actually fit the character better. i'm alright with meowra's attacks, but really.
i did notice some places where the timer and just EVERYTHING would freeze up, which was quite frustrating if i'd gotten a particularly bothersome opponent down to like, 2 health. i don't know what could be causing it, but i can get out of it only by restarting the level! it's weird. is that intentional?
the ai is the biggest plus i have here. it's very human, at least to me! i can't count the number of times i was hoping the enemy wouldn't choose something, only to have them perform that exact action. that's nice, in a frustrating way!

overall, exceeded my expectations but has some trouble with consistency and such.

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Rated 3 / 5 stars

Fun, but played out mechanics. The upgrades and battle presentation make it seem newer, but there is still a persistent feeling that you've played this game a million times before. What really killed it for me was running into a bug 3 times against Wasp where, after a few turns, I could no longer take my turn. He would go and I would sit there helplessly watching the clock tick down. Couldn't move any blocks. Die, reload, works fine. So I went back to him again. It happened again. Tried pausing and unpausing, etc but could never move the blocks when it happened.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Good game, nice graphics and a unique concept, not what i was expecting at all, but good!