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Damned 5 Points

Died 5 times in a row

First blood 5 Points

Attacked within first move

Defensive 10 Points

Shield gem was used 10 times

Nerd 10 Points

Scored 10,000 points

Reflexive 10 Points

Reflection gem was used 10 times

Tasty 10 Points

Energy gem was eaten 10 times

Fatal furry 25 Points

Death exhaust combo was used 3 times

Gem lord 25 Points

300 gems were collected

Gem strike 25 Points

4 gems in a row were matched

Offensive 25 Points

Damage dealt to 300 units total

Combo master 50 Points

3x+ combos were performed

Lucky 50 Points

Barely alive winner

Strategic mind 50 Points

Almost flawless victory (50%+ HP)

Game completed 100 Points

Defeat last monster

Upgrade completed 100 Points

All upgrades were applied

Author Comments

One day, Nazgul went to the earth in search of a new victim. Finally he has chosen a poor cat and took him to the dark kingdom of death. But there was one brave hero who decided to save the cat. His name was Meowra, and he always helped those who needed it...


This is a fun take on the puzzle concept and overall a pretty well-done effort. The graphics are attractive and the characters are interesting. However, the actual gameplay does seem to lack balance. Your enemies are consistently more powerful than you (in some cases dramatically so), and since you can't receive partial prize money, I had to go back and re-do previous fights multiple times to generate enough cash so that my upgrades would even let me approach having a competitive chance against the next enemy. In addition, the weakness of the shield tile coupled with the common "reflector" tile often produced disastrous effects from enemy attack. Similarly, the healing tiles (which seem to occur with less frequency than the others) were pretty unattractive because they often couldn't even restore the health lost from a single attack (even if you had a shield when you were hit). Perhaps even more importantly, there appears to be no difference in frequency of the standard attack vs. the more damaging special attack.

My personal recommendation, for what's worth, would be to adjust the enemy stats down slightly, increase the efficacy of the shield/healing tiles, and reduce the frequency of the special attack tile. You might also think about adding a money tile that increases the match prize purse? I would make all of these changes in small increments to avoid making the game too easy, but I think with a little balancing as described you will have a much more enjoyable game.

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Good. :)

Game crashed and save was deleted, too bad.

The game is way too unbalanced, how is it fair that your opponent on level 5 hits for half of your hp, not to mention the only way of acquiring money is through winning and if you're stuck on a level it's pretty much over. In sum, game is too luck based and unbalanced.

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cute and cool twist on the game, makes it more challenging.
also i can't get past the 1st level since it KEEPS FREEZING ON ME.
it's the monster's turn but he's not doing anything and the timer isn't counting down.
..fun fun fun.

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v0rbis responds:

Some players below got the same problem. What is your os/browser/flash player version?
Sorry about that.

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Credits & Info

3.33 / 5.00

Mar 12, 2014
9:51 AM EDT
Puzzles - Other