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Cookie Crumble Time! 5 Points

Start Game !

Crumble this Humble Cookie Game! 5 Points

Erase your game data!

My First Baker! 5 Points

Buy for the first time 1 baker!

My First Cookie! 5 Points

Click The Big Cookie For The First Time!

My First Girl Scout! 5 Points

Buy for the first time 1 Girl Scout!

My First Upgrade! 5 Points

Buy mouse upgrade for the first time!

Girl Scouts Unlocked! 10 Points

Buy 10 Bakers!Unlock Girl Scouts!

Cookie Factory Unlocked! 25 Points

Unlock Cookie Factory! have an income of 150$exactly amount no more or less!

Cookie Tree Unlocked! 25 Points

Unlock Cookie Trees! have an income of 50$!

Shops Are Now Open! 25 Points

Unlock Stores ! Have atleast 10 Girl Scouts and 50$ income!

Author Comments

A Cookie Clicker Addictive game! for Newgrounds StencylJam2014

Click Big Cookie to crumble to more little cookies! ! buy bakers, cookie tree`s,cookie factory'`s,hire girl scouts to sell cookies for you !sell your cookies in store`s or in Mall , sell cookies and earn money , generate income and cookies per second!, buy newgrounds medals!


Save by pressing button" S "
Exit game by pressing " escape" !
Erase game data by pressing the X red button on main menu! or by pressing "delete" button from your keyboard!

use shotcut keys from "1" to "7" to upgrade faster in game!

or you just can simply click the icons of items you want to upgrade or numbers in the left side of item!

Next Newgrounds Medal shop! now i`m doing graphics for them! will be posted tonight at most!

Also i will add scoreboards! and some achievments!
This game is made exclusive for StencylJam2014 , Hosted by www.Newgrounds.com! rate and comment! and do please get the medals that are in game at the moment all tested and working , for now just this ! later will be adding ingame graphycs! and other nice stuff!

Inspiration from original cookie clicker from orteil.dashnet.org/cookieclicker/‎
or redbit games from android game! so people wont cry anymore happy!?


Sadly since you have based this on the original cookie clicker to the point of copying the name and even cookie image, it therefore has to be compared to the original rather than being taken as a similar game in its own right. And as a copycat it is incredibly inferior in every way.

The aesthetics are terrible, there is nothing eye catching or interesting, you didn't have any background at all, no visual additions to liven it up like the hearts of cookies falling down or the milk rising up as in the original game, and you also haven't put anything extra in to make the game more interesting like the "news" in the original. The gameplay itself is also inferior, it is completely cut down to the basic clicker gameplay and has no interesting additions to it.

Overall compared to the original you copied from, this is an embarrassment. You missed the point of what made the original interesting and enjoyable making this utterly bland and uninteresting. Where is the news? Where is the corrupted grandmother sidequest? Where are any visuals? Considering you DID see the original (as you copied where the chocolate is on the cookie in that game) I can't see how you failed so badly to capture the original. The only excuse I can think of is that you were lazy.

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I saw somebody else posted that the Baker Unlocked and Mall Unlocked medals didn't work. You responded saying they do, so I wanted to post and let you know that I had the same problem, so for some people at least they don't work. The Baker one popped in-game, but I didn't get the Newgrounds medal. The Mall one didn't even pop in-game, even though I've bought several malls now.

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romdtb responds:

will think it but for moment will remove it!

Surprisingly entertaining...

Having a 2 tier resource system isn’t a bad idea it I think the execution could be improved.

The options to spend using cookies are too limited. Because you can only buy bakers, clicks and scouts with cookies the only real choices you have to spend cookies on is the baker because no one wants to click the cookie that much and the scouts are the least efficient way of generating money. Money is too valuable to spend on the tree and the factory because you can generate a baker once every 10-15 seconds if you focus all you cookie production into bakers.

I wished you had used cookies for all the cookie generating objects and cash for all the cash generating objects.

romdtb responds:

yea but then how wold you generate cash?!
cause then i wold had to do a secondary clicker for cash!

The medals in this game are easy , and if you need to use up some extra time you have or something this game could keep you occupied for a little while.

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2.48 / 5.00

Mar 12, 2014
2:09 AM EDT
Simulation - Other