Fio's Adventure

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the First Failure 5 Points

the First Failure

Time Trial Mode Unlocked 10 Points

finish area 3 in arcade mode

the First-solved Puzzle 25 Points

the First-solved Puzzle

Curiosity 50 Points

open credit page from the main menu

Ending One 50 Points

Ending One

Ending Two 50 Points

Ending Two

Good Explorer 100 Points

clear all area with 3 stars then visit area selection screen

Konchi the Bounty Hunter Unlocked 100 Points

Konchi the Bounty Hunter Unlocked

Perfect Explorer 100 Points

clear all area with 5 stars (on hard difficulty) then visit area selection screen

Author Comments

help Fio get her money back from the greedy crow.
please rate & let me know what you think,
the sequel is on the way.
you can find more info about Fio and her background story here sunarsoft.blogspot.com

you can follow me & be the first to play the sequel when its out.


The Animation Looks Static but Overall Great but wat does da Mystery Banana Do? Da Suspense is Killing Me! #MysteryBanana

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what does the mystery banana do? the suspense is killing me...

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Ahh, i miss the classic side scrolling platform games that started the gaming industry. On easy mode there really is no difficulty to till level 19 so i like you added a difficulty setting. As I say You don't need much to make a good game.

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kid-blue responds:

glad you like the puzzle, I will.
at first I thought the puzzle was too difficult.

I have a few things I want to say about the game. I like the concept and I really like the cute sprite you made for it and the close ups for when she is talking. I like the little scene that appears when you lose and the set up of the game is pretty good. It is challenging because of the challenges you set for the player, but it is also difficult due to problems other players have brought up: the very edge of each platform cannot be stood on and it it often easy to miss the bouncing platform at times (sometimes I would just stop bouncing on it even though I was over it). Also, the medal "Good Explorer" will not unlock, as shown by the fact that people have unlocked the "Perfect Explorer" medal and no has unlocked Good Explorer. Also, there is a collectable banana in the game that is never explain as to what its use is. Also, on level 19 on hard mode, I find it impossible to jump over the bee guarding the upper platform after the rope platform has been brought down (I've tried over 20 times). My last complaint are the graphic; I like the art (although a little more variety could help), but as I am moving, it all seems to blur.

I myself found the game challenging not because of what many of the players complained of, but for what was intended. Still, not all players are the same and a game I could claim to be super difficult because of platform difficulties for example may be easier to another player.

I look forward to the sequel and I hope you'll add more variety and levels into it. Great job.

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kid-blue responds:

thank you for appreciating the puzzles, yeah, I admit the game is full of bugs, I am not really a coder, I learn a lot while making this game, and I'll use this new knowledge to create a better game,
for the sequel, I was planning to create a game with much simpler control, player will play as the pet (in this game it still an egg).
FYI, Konchi the bounty hunter(appear as unlockable character) has its own game, you can check it here http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/616180

cause yeah there are random ass gears that travel on ropes in a forest

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kid-blue responds:

the gears are powered by magical energy from the sacred trees (the trees with white papers on them).

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Credits & Info

3.59 / 5.00

Mar 11, 2014
2:52 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle