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DeadlySpaceAction Mini #1

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Deadly Space Action is a show about an evil space captain and his insubordinate subordinates. Deadly Space Action Minis are bite-sized episodes about weird planets, asteroids, hackers, and even introduces a new character or two! (specifically, it's one)

In the first episode, LeMarion builds a much-requested virtual addition to the ship, and the crew can't wait to ruin it as soon as possible.

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I was wondering why it seemed to load so quickly at the beginning. I really did notice the "Mini" title. Apparently, there's more like this. I do want to have more of a story to go along with it. I appreciate you trying something new. I guess I'm just used to more action.

The artwork and voices were as good as ever. It was really good to see how many jokes you could fit in. Best is probably the one about the word "shitmouth". Wow, I'm cruder than I thought. I miss the full intro.

Just like the Snicker Minis, after just one you want a ton more! Love the shorties. Can't wait till the next one.


*sigh* Now I want a Snicker Mini.

lmao, animals age fast! I'm digging the idea of a miniature version of this series, even the intro's shortened down. Doesn't take long to watch, but the smile will last a while. Till the next one!


But I thought video games were inserted in there nose

anyways you deserve way more credit then you actually get

hahaha, nice star-trek-esque action, great drawings, interesting faces/species, and good facial hair.
i like this series, it seems fun and cool.

keep it up, it looks good!