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Vector Drive

rated 3.41 / 5 stars
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Mar 9, 2014 | 6:53 PM EDT

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Author Comments

Updated to v0.8.1! See bellow for details. (3.14.2014)

The game is currently in beta! It will continue to be improved. The Christmas version is not functional at the moment it is being developed, but the Vector version is playable!

A 48 hour challenge retro style arcade game, finished in about 10-20 hours give or take the sleeping and bumming around, where the goal is to survive as long as you can without getting hit by incoming asteroids.

You control a ship and the longer you stay alive the harder it gets.
Note that there’s two themes to the game, the second theme is a Christmas but it’s still broken and under heavy development and restructuring so it’s not working at all.

Oh and we’re more than happy to hear suggestions or ideas we could implement so feel free to share. :D

Good luck and post your highscore, after you rate! ;)

Update 3 Change Log: v0.8.1
- Increased spawn rate in Normal Mode
- Fixed some bugs and errors
- Made pickups easier to see and pick up

Update 2 Change Log: v0.8

New stuff:
- Crazy Mode with separate highscore (jumps you to speed 100)
- Option to mute/unmute music
- Barrel roll (double tap left or right)
- More different incoming obstacles (debris like satelites and other junk)

Update 1 Change Log: v0.7.2
Fixed a few more important things fast before the big update!
- Remade (or made) a proper GUI
- Increased starting speed
- Added camera shake on collision
- Some other cool effects
- Solved the asteroids "phasing" into existence problem mentioned by a user

Note: Highscore is reset to accommodate the new speed.

In a following update:
- More controls options
- Doubled score for Crazy Mode
- Also coming out for android on Google Play!



Rated 4 / 5 stars

After having read that really detailed review down below, I don't know if I can add much as he/she says pretty much what I wanted to say.

What I will say is, I feel that in normal mode it takes too long to speed up and there aren't enough obstacles. I think there should be slightly more, even in the earlier stages. But that's just me & that's probably why crazy mode was released(?) I'm probably wrong about that.

Also, I don't know if anyone has pointed this out, but I did find a bug. A bug that only happened once, mind you. When I first played Normal Mode, I crashed into an obstacle and then my ship disappeared but the game still continued. I was still racking up points & the speed was still increasing.

Other than that, I think this is a cool game. I really enjoyed it & I'll keep an eye out for it seen as you'll be updating it!

You did some great work, 4/5.

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UchihaKuriso responds:

Yes, I updated based on that review and other reviews. :)
And yes I added the Crazy Mode because some reported normal too slow but ofc that doesn't mean everyone finds it slow so I didn't just wanna change normal to faster. But I still feel its kind of slow so I better up it to 45 or 50.
I experienced that bug too just last night when I was testing the android version of the game. I'll try and see what's that all about, it looks like it teleports the ship outside the cam view for some reason. And I'm also getting some new errors now that I didn't have before, could be Unity's problem, I didn't change anything in that area to cause it but I'll see.
Anyway, thanks for the review, glad you like it! :)


Rated 4 / 5 stars

nicely made, needs more projectiles imo

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UchihaKuriso responds:

And there will be! :)



Rated 3 / 5 stars

Cool idea, kind of simplistic at this stage. Hard to aim projectiles...retical needs to be more intuitive.

UchihaKuriso responds:

I agree, gets easy with a few plays but yeah its hard to aim at first. There's a "crosshair" but it's still not easy right away. I can't pinpoint why. Could be the perspective.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

vector drive! sounds awesome, let's see if it IS AWESOME

menuscreen! it looks rather simple in a way which is neither a good or a bad thing
it bothers me a bit that you list the controls but the title is for the most part nowhere in sight
i think i'd prefer controls in a separate page
or perhaps visual controls ie. it shows the directional arrows and WASD as the buttons for movement etc
the buttons on the menuscreen don't really reflect the sort of basic glowy wireframe thing the game has going on, so changing them would make it more consistent
i did notice something about the controls which i will bring up in a bit

the typography... ehhhh, as i said, very simple
i'd like it to be a bit more 'digital' or futuristic because this is a pretty futuristic sort of game, but i don't mind it much
i think the colors might be a little too bright and the font size a little too small though

visually it's a neat little thing
it doesn't do too much or too little so it feels just right, at least to me
i'm curious about the christmas version though, haha
although i've gotta say stars aren't actually tiny dots in space so it's weird for them to go by like that
but it's also very... calming? to see them go by, along with the asteroids

the gameplay is incredibly simple, at least at first, but here comes what i said about the controls...
using shift as a control just isn't a good idea, but i'm not sure if you get to press it often enough to enable stickykeys accidentally
another thing i noticed is that the asteroids appear to just phase into existence close to our ship later on instead of gradually coming towards us, i don't know if that's intentional but it certainly looks weird

it's not a very exciting game but i found the combination of the game and the music to be incredibly calming and even fun later on
maybe some things other than Just Asteroids would be neat, i'd think that'd provide more of a challenge
and visually it'd be interesting if some planets or something would be visible in the distance
at least in vector mode, just to get some other colors in

idk if it'd still be a retro-like arcade game then though, haha

but i'm very impressed (10-20 hours! wow!) and i enjoy this game a whole lot, personally. it can be improved but i think it's fine as it is.

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UchihaKuriso responds:

Thanks for the thorough review and for reading the description! The game is still im beta, as stated, and I'm working at improving it. I released the beta to see if its worth it. You're my guinie pigs haha. But jokes aside, the detailed review is really appreciated. I'm gonna start adressing all of those problems and suggestions tonight! Sorry for the short(?) reply, I'm wasting hours of my life in college at class at the moment.


Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

No score-keeping system at all yet? Are you kidding me? That should be one of the first things implemented before any sort of release... It also needs a score multiplier in-game. There's no cool power ups from what I can tell. Could use things like invincibility, and things like that. Got really boring after a while and the speed went up way too slowly it seemed.

UchihaKuriso responds:

Your highscore is saved when you die, if its higher than the previous one. You also get more score by collecting pickups, even tho you don't need them.
Yes speed is too slow at the beginning I agree, i set it up like that because of what I said in an earlier comment reply. I will change that. I will also add more pickups. This the game is in beta, so everything is bound to be a bit iffy, and theres lots of room for improvements. More pickups coming up. :)