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Shuckle Unleashed Energy!

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Don't underestimate Shuckle, he's tougher than you think.

Check it out on YouTube! -> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pNadBwpwDog

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Haha lol xD. Good animation!

Actually, Shuckle is the one Pokémon that gets the proud award for the absolute MOST damage possible damage in-game.

The grand total for the max damage, as of generation 6, is: (NOTE: from TBF Bri 10 at gamefaqs.com)

Seven hundred twenty-one MILLION, eight hundred ninety-nine THOUSAND, forty-eight.

Now THAT is a ridiculously large amount of damage; I'd like to see how you would animate that.
Perhaps an earth-shattering explosion? :D

Snorlax has fain- no,
Snorlax has EXPLODED!

snorlax has fainted ? maybe? Probably not. Anyway this was a funny and quick animation. Would be cool if in the loop the other pokemon changed

I want to see shuckle fight against mine turtle.