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Mar 8, 2014 | 10:16 PM EST

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Author Comments

Connect matching items.
As you connect you create longer chains.
Achieve 10 or more chains to enact bonus points
For every chain that is greater than 5000 point you will recieve extra time
See how long you last



Rated 4 / 5 stars

i like this game a lot, but it feels a bit like a work in progress. i think cyberleon's suggestions were useful, and i like the slight challenge of the lines.

i think a clearer idea of how much of a time bonus you receive for each chain would be incredibly useful, and if i'm right, i think the time bonus could stand to be longer. it seemed to be only one extra second regardless of how long the chain was, and that seemed a bit difficult to maintain, especially towards the end.

the idea of the different items having different point values was clever, but the game seems to move too quickly to do the mental math required to get the 5000 total. that's why i might add a popup saying '+3500 (or whatever)' after each chain, to help the player keep track of how they're doing.

all in all, i think this has potential to be pretty fun. it would make a good app, if you've got the means to develop it, maybe without the theme. nicely done.

Sparkplug90 responds:

thank you very much for your input


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Now, this is a nice game :D

It resembles me of several other "destroy block groups and new blocks fall down from above" games, but the requirement to draw the lines by oneself makes this one unique!

What this game still needs is:
- Information on how much time was added to the counter with the last chain
- Information on how many points the last chain gave.
These two points can, I think, be easily added at the menu side of the screen. They would help me great on seeing which pace and which minimum chain length I should aim for to keep the game active.

Also, I would activate the clock-ticking-sound only during the last 10 seconds, because the sound is necessary, but annoying. I d like the sound to change with a higher pitch or something for every of the last 5 seconds, so I dont have to look at the side of the screen to see how much is left.

nice game, keep it up !

Sparkplug90 responds:

thank you so much for the constructive critiscim..alot of people rated it badly but didnt even give a reason..this greatly helps and i will be sure to implement these as soon as possible to better improve this and future games


Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

It all looks very nice and is clear that some effort has gone into this, however it is an entirely unoriginal idea with nothing to add originality. That can be overlooked, however, though I'm not sure if this is only on my computer, there is a significant bug where when I am drawing the lines, a large section of over half the screen around where I am drawing is covered by what appears to be the background image.

Sparkplug90 responds:

sorry about taht seems when i uploaded it there was an issue im fixinf it now