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Seminia is a semi-minimalistic puzzle platformer with a twist: You may only jump once for each jump collectable you collect. Traverse through the 50+ keyboard-smashingly hard levels and beat the game for all the glory! Or.. Perhaps not.

(shown in-game)
arrow keys/WASD - movement
R - restart
Esc - Exit to menu
P - pause
-/+ - volume
0 - mute

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Brilliant. You are great at coming up with level designs, especially with a game like this where the difficulty of each level is the object you place before the player. I probably wouldn't have thought of many of these or I may have dismissed them thinking them to be too tough. I haven't come across any glitches and the game is both fun and challenging. Though I must ask, why do you have a Game Grumps reference on level 26? (a pretty tough level)

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pixelpandamonium responds:

Thank you very much for the amazing comment! The level designs are something i really am proud of in this game, and im so glad others notice that!
Also I love that you got the GG reference! there are quite a few references, probably none that anyone would get besides that one and another. The reason i had that there was because i couldnt think up a good pun for the level, and the previous level title was "Help me erin!!!" which is a reference absolutely no one would get. since both really didnt make much sense pertaining to the level, i stuck with the GG one :D

Nice concept and gameplay(quite hard though, got stuck on lvl 34)

some of the puzzels are pretty clever, but I feel like some of them are also a bit too unforgiving even when you know exactly what you need to do

pixelpandamonium responds:

yeah its terribly hard. My next games will definitely not be this difficult!

Though the concept deserves a higher rating, there are far too many bugs to be publishing this game. It is also a little too minimalistic, and I would recomend new bg music. Other than that, it has potential!

pixelpandamonium responds:

I have no idea what bugs you are talking about. if you mean the strange graphic glitches, play the game further ;)

Very nice concept! I love it!

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3.12 / 5.00

Mar 8, 2014
5:33 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Puzzle