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Seminia is a semi-minimalistic puzzle platformer with a twist: You may only jump once for each jump collectable you collect. Traverse through the 50+ keyboard-smashingly hard levels and beat the game for all the glory! Or.. Perhaps not.

(shown in-game)
arrow keys/WASD - movement
R - restart
Esc - Exit to menu
P - pause
-/+ - volume
0 - mute

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Played until level 26 and i loved the game, but in level 26 you have a bug that makes the level possible, but not at all skill based. About 75% of the time i put a box on the button that pushes the door to catch the next box, the box on the button moves together with the door, because the door is under the button. That makes the box go off the button and the next box falls. Every time that happens you need to retry and it's very annoying.

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Simplistic and puzzling.
This game is alright. Does a lot with little to work with.

Make's you think about how to solve things. Good work.

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Simple and amazing

On the plus side, there are very good level design ideas, some of which really pleased me, the controls are quite good, the gaphics kind of nice, and the music not too unbearable.

On the minus size, I don't know what will happen first : me having an epileptic seizure, or me turning into Hulk and smashing my computer. I have gone through levels 31 and 32? in which ridiculously small platforms and weird inertia add fake difficulty, and I am now in level 34, where there is a kind of "information overload", because of which you just have to try everything, methodically, until something works (which is not a "riddle" or a "puzzle", but just a sadistic level design).

pixelpandamonium responds:

why thank you }:)

I refuse to try on at level 30 because I dont want toget eye-cancer. I doubt that this screen flickering is necessary.

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3.12 / 5.00

Mar 8, 2014
5:33 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Puzzle