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Multitasking Samurai

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Mar 8, 2014 | 10:53 AM EST

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The Samurai is fighting the Ninja, but due to physical issues, he needs your help to keep Breathing as well ! Help the Samurai Multitask.



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typography! there's barely any of it to speak of and as far as i can tell, that's times new roman you mostly use, and i STRONGLY advise against it. it has nothing to do with samurais or ninjas! it's The English Essay Font! GOOD GRIEF
and the No Breath bit isn't much better.

visually it is... what it is. i find the ninjas more endearing than the samurai, to be honest, which... simply should not be. i should like the protagonist more! and i would advise having the ninja and samurai near the corners to not be so noticeable. i know it's part of the scene now, but at first i thought they'd count the deaths. the samurai is fine and gives our guy SOME depth, but the ninjas disappear when they die! it makes no sense to have a dead ninja there!
i also like how the milk has a slightly blurred version of the symbol
and by like i mean that's probably not good for that guy's health

gameplay-wise it's the most unnecessarily complicated and tedious game i've ever played, and i've played The World Ends With You. HE'S A SAMURAI HE SHOULD NOT HAVE CHOSEN THIS CAREER IF HE HAS SUCH HUGE PROBLEMS BREATHING GOSH DARNIT MAN IT MAKES NO SENSE

we don't play fighting games while controlling the character's breathing. so obviously, this should work the same way. it's hard to concentrate on the ninjas coming at me from all directions when i have to breathe! so the game just turned into me mashing buttons and slicing up milk cartons while the ninjas come at me!
breathing and doing something else is not multitasking. it is an automated thing, especially for people like samurais because they HAVE TO BREATHE to move as much as they have to!

i know you won't change this mechanic because it is YOUR BIG INNOVATION. it is fairly unique but it's no good AT ALL. i'd have liked the game otherwise! i'd have liked rotating him to DESTROY ALL NINJAS IT WOULD HAVE BEEN NEAT

overall, i simply don't like this game. it's tedious and not very worth it, it has no music, it has no pause button, no actual difficulty level outside of the annoying controls, no NOTHING. he just keeps existing even after he runs out of breath! writing this was annoying for me because i kept hearing the annoying sound effects over and over AND OVER.

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Usagi93 responds:

Thank you for your feedback.

The font is actually called "Buxton Sketch", but it is not exported with the game files for some reason, though. Sorry about that.
For the mechanics, they required a lot of attention, so adding upgrades, different ninja types, more levels/environments would make it harder to focus.
The pause button would be very helpful, I agree. I should have thought about it. Thank you.