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Elephant Butt

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This is a true story.

Surprisingly, I think I did well in the class. I got an A-

All my not paying attention totally payed off.

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oh man that was great! although, since I have asperger's, that picture of the *** eating the *** is gonna be in my head forever. ;( partially photographic memory is not fun.

BUt, GREAT WORK MAN! I LOVE sketch style!

A lesson to... live life? Have fun? Not take classies too seriously? :P Now I'm wondering if that videoclip is still available somewhere. This animation didn't crack me up but it made me smile, nice sketches; captivating narration. Nice work!


The laughter bouncing around inside the guy was a really cool and well executed idea!

I just loved this. So much. This is awesome. And funny. XP

Great story.
I understand where your coming from.
I had a similar experience happened to me in middle school back in 99'.