Why Earth Smells So Bad ?

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Once upon a time, far far away in the galaxy lived happy little monsters.
They were always wondering: "Why does the Earth smell so bad?"

One day they decided to find out! One little monster was sent on a quest to find the source of the smell.

Help little monster to travel around the Earth and:

- clean polluted forests

- plant new trees

- take care of the plants

- watch out for the bees

- find the source of the smell

Learn ecology and recycling in a very funny and interactive way.

Best for kids, but really funny to parents too.

Created with TutoTOONS.




This game is quite cute, but I have one technical remark and two conceptual remarks.

Technical point :
- When something is thrown in the trash in one of the minigames, it should fall into it and clear the way.

Now, for the most important stuff :
- Killing bees in a game about protecting the environment ? Hmmm, NOPE.
- Blaming cows for pollution ? Well, the association between cow farts and greenhouse gases (guess what ? the "toxic" clouds are all green in this game !) is bullshit. Utter bullshit. If I show my kid something about environment, I do not want it to make him believe cows are responsible for all this mess. The characters are aliens, so they could easily have spoken to Humans, telling them they are complete dumbf*cks, but no. Cows. Screw it.

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2.81 / 5.00

Mar 7, 2014
1:57 AM EST
Simulation - Other