Violent Scope (demo)

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***Requires Flash Player 6***

Includes the first level of the brand new Violent Scope (not to be confused with the ancient beta, which sucks). Full game will include sniping levels and many other variations...expect it to get a lot better!

And also, be sure to play "Where's Ollie 2", it's just down there in my other movies/games. Not many people saw it, and it's really worth playing.

Well, enjoy, and if you're gonna write a review, I'd appreciate it if you actually made suggestions and used constructive criticism other than flame me. It really doesn't help when people do that.

**UPDATE**:There's now a bell sound when you correctly do a QTE event...so after you've heard a bell, it's time to stop dodging and start shooting. I also added a "skip" button to the intro, as well as the mission briefing for stage 2.


OK...srry but needs 2 be better

it is an ok game srry
but still fun =)

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ok--not really

i cant dodge & i keep dieing! fix it!

yeh its ok

uhhm dude i beat lvl 1 and uhh eather my comp is screwed up or its end of demo cuz i kept clikin next arow and i cliked it like 5000000000000000000 times soooo please put a end of demo ting

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It took me several tries to figure out you had to hold down the arrow.. so that was frusterating. If you put a "end of demo" screen at the end that would be more helpful, I knew it was a demo but I still was clicking the next button thinking 'wtf?!'

Good music though

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wtf ?? i keep dieing

Wat crap.. ur game has a problem ... i die EVEN though i press the fuckibng arrow on time.. improve on it man ... good sounds though... .
fuck up

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2.57 / 5.00

Sep 11, 2002
4:01 PM EDT
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