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Action Sequence

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This is just my take on a basic anime opening. I do not own the rights to the song "In my World" but I used it cuz I like it. Deal with it! lol (please don't sue)

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Yeah, I do hope this trailer for a series comes up to something worth the wait. Nice lead in sort of overview... Might suggest a bit of shortening things up or you'll leave folks wondering why such a long intro for such a short piece of animation. That kinda stuff can get you blammed. But as a trailer for things to come, could be better could be worse, so I'll give you the benefit of a 3. Nice start now climb up from there.

It was great, the animation and the emotion, and the music of course, but I'm still left wondering exactly what it's about. Why's he fighting? Who's he fighting? Was that the home he grew up in? Some of the fighting motions aren't the most fluent, but overall it flows nicely. Good work!


LeffsHanid responds:

I appreciate the constructive critique, Thanks! I will admit, I was a bit over ambitious with this flash. My skills aren't up to par yet. But I hope you stick around to see what I got, as my skills grow!

Plenty of color, story, animation, background, detail and some texture but just not a fan of your character art.

LeffsHanid responds:

Thanks man, appreciate the comment. I'm still not sure exactly what kind of art style I prefer doing. I'll probably mix it up a bit in my next one.

I'm gonna give you an A for effort(unless you didn't put much effort into this.) The idea was nice but the animation could be better. I lm not going to be too harsh because I'm not an animator myself so I don't know how difficult it was to make this. Overall it wasn't that bad, but that animation could use some work.

The artstyle doesn't fit in my opinion, if it was more mature looking it would of been badass though