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avoid other boxes while looking for pick-ups, see how long you can keep flying.


The game is way too hard. Also really? We need another Flappy Bird clone? The music is ok though, but besides that, this is a bad game.

Ok music, but game is boring as hell and graphics are incredibly glitchy.

The main thing I hate about this game is that you literally need shields to play. There are certain parts of the game where there's nowhere on the screen where you won't get hit, so if you miss/lose your shield you will die no matter what. Not only that, but none of the yellow shields would pick up for me. It'd make the same sound effect as if I had picked it up while I already had a shield on, but it wouldn't do anything or protect me against anything. It didn't even change the colour of my block. The gameplay was okay and mildly entertaining, and I probably would have played more and given you a three or a four if it wasn't for the impossibility factor at certain points in the game. The block is somewhat difficult to control but that didn't bother me, it just made it more of a challenge, which is good.

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pretty bad.
music is boring, gameplay is dull BUT! its good to have 3 different keys to do the same thing.
would be a 3/10 if you were smaller, that 7 blue ray didnt happened in the begining
and the power to actually move fowards and backwards in the screen

Pretty hard game, sadly the lifes doesnt stack up so worthless taking more than one i a row!
Fix the life stacking and it may be alot more fun :)
I got first place btw 167 points!

inactionGames responds:

You do get extra points for picking up multiple shields. Making them stack made the game too easy.

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1.87 / 5.00

Mar 3, 2014
2:33 PM EST
Skill - Avoid