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Farm Fortress Beta 2

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A unique indie developed TD / Action / MMO / Farming gaming experience!

We recently (Feb 2014) changed the core concept of the game. it's still a competitive game but without the risk of permanent loss of your progress. We also added levels, xp and some other cool stuff!

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how about a hostile placer that you can buy hostiles that won't attack you and will kill anything but not the turrets.

Bugs, soo many bugs....I have advice for you. Play f*** your game at least once! It is impossible to not see all this bugs if you would honestly play your game at least once like typical player does. I dont know yet how many stars i should give you, right now im pissed cuz i play it about 5 minutes only and already i have discovered couple of very irritating bugs. Jezus...i dont understand why some people put so much effort to create good game and ruin it by not eliminating mistakes so easy to spot.

dr-m responds:

Enlighten me with your findings?

I have played this game 100h+ during testing/development and it is easy to get "used" to bugs that way.

WHOA, DUDE!This is big but i like it ( 5 star )

dr-m responds:

Niice, glad you like!

Can get past the title screen bopth lon in a new player don't work.

dr-m responds:

Sorry, it has been fixed now!

its a nice survival/farm/shooting game but to get more lifes you have to wait six hours and there arent that many lives to make up for it so if a player comes in and wants to make you mad its not that good to have five lifes mabye if you made so a life a minute or ten minutes to get half of your life back depending on how many lifes you have but the building is simple so thats good but there should be some sort thing you can get daily to use like say some sort of safety from other players for an hour or so and every thing thing that cost money i feel like is to much or not worth it because six dollars for the time for new lifes is to much because were pretty sure that your gonna lower that but its every thing else is outstanding and amazing

dr-m responds:

Thanks a lot for your review, mr. awesomelikeme. We are constantly adjusting this beta game and stuff may change.

Credits & Info

3.81 / 5.00

Mar 1, 2014
5:33 PM EST