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September, 11 Memorial

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Sep 11, 2002 | 9:54 AM EDT

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Author Comments

I rushed to get this done for the 11th. Im sorry guys no preloader =(. Vote what you want becuase there are 100 of these out there... i care not i just wanted to get my point across about how i feel.



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Thanks For Remembering

i think its a beautiful tribute to show people what really happened that day. most people try forget what really happened when u cant really run away from it. i myself lost someone on 9/11. i was in fact in new york (not in the city) but i was close enough to see large black smoke rising up from the city. i was alose 8 years old at the time so i wasnt sure what happened. but i do know one thing. all my life ive been inspired by the USMC (United States Marine Corp). if this war is still going by the time im 18, i willy willfully go into battle for what i believe in. i would die for this country and the people in it. i serve my 10 year commitment to the Marines. and if the war is still going on then i will expand my duties until its over. i love this country and want every1 to know that it did in fact happen and the only way to get away from it is to fight it. so for all you americans out there. Thanks For Remembering.


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i lost some one i loved in the towers

i solut the lives lost in the twin towers . i lost some one i loved in the towers so this made me cry..... all i can say binladin showed pay for this


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Pisses me off cowards like them attack us!

and to shorty_01_64 Fuck you! you are one cold hearted little bastard and if you was to say that shit to my Face I would Stomp your sorry ass to the godamn ground and proceed to stomp you out of every inch of your worthless life!!!
Its True that America has its flaws but those filthy ragtop dune maggots highjacking planes crashing them into the WTC and killing those who had nothing to do with the problems of america or anywhares else not to mention those in the WTC is unspeakable!
I fought in Iraq and those Cowards 3 months after that little stunt they pulled out of pure rage and anger and Im still in the United States Army Anti Terrorist Task force today, so you saying they got what they deserved is a slap to the face of every Family and Freinds and American who sufferd this attack on that day, and from what I read on your Profile your canadian so let me be the first to say fuck you and canada for your insult to us and what had been done to us!.
Runicmyst Thank you for dedicating this to those who had lost thier lives in that dreadful day and also to the freinds and family aswell.
United States Army First SGT.

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Best I've ever seen

This is the best 9/11 memorial I have ever seen, it proves that you really worked, and not just to get points. Anyone who says otherwise are bastards.


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very good but blind Patrotism?!?!

ok this is a message to the guy who talked about blind patrotism dude were those people who went into the rubble of the WTC to find the people that where lost in the rubble blind with patrotism no they intend to find them and reunite them with there families not because they wanted to look patrotic because they really want to save those people they did it for the families not for them selves.Also if
some people are very patrotic dont go and call it blind patrotism some people really love this land GOD BLESS THE USA!!!!
P.S: most of my family is in the military because they want to defend this country some could have gone to collage but they wanted to defend the USA.O and good job guys