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A short game. Well more like a short film. Well more like an experimental short film in ever-so-slightly interactive of a format.

Enjoy your walk. Interact with your surroundings. Or don't. Have a forgotten, but hopefully not forgetful, experience.

instagram: https://www.instagram.com/quesadylie/
vimeo: https://vimeo.com/dylcar
tumblr: http://dylcar.tumblr.com
contact: dylcarNG@gmail.com


Wow, this is a really strong story, I will never forget this and I thank you for that.

dylan responds:

Someone's got to remember it, the protagonist sure won't.

This is so deep and terrible... I loved it, though it made me kinda sad.

dylan responds:


Wow...just wow. what a fantastic little interactive game/movie. I actually got a little lump in my throat

dylan responds:

get that checked out by a physician! Lumps are not something to be taken lightly

Beautiful, my friend... just beautiful, I myself find that, though you put this little overlooked problem into a more artistic, but modernized form, It has gotten the point through much better than most things ever had... [In the amount of scenarios I've had to witness because of this, it... it just makes me want to cry... things rarely do that to me, so my grading setup won't matter for this... and thank you for this as well. 10/10, for the whole thing.
5: It is simple and thought out, and gets the idea put into an easily understandable form.
5: It is just one of the most impressive non-fiction themed thing I have seen on this damn site, way to go my friend.


dylan responds:


That was fantastic. Great music, excellent visual choices, and even something resembling a scenario (quite incredible, as I guess the game jam for which this game was created was not very long ?..). Hem... Yeah. That was great. Really great. I nearly cried.

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dylan responds:

Thanks! The game jam was a week long, but I was only able to find time to give a couple of days to this piece

*scratch that, it's a month long. whoops, I may have jumped the gun a bit.

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3.90 / 5.00

Mar 1, 2014
10:26 AM EST
Adventure - Other