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Beyond Lightspeed

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Beyond Lightspeed is a flash game where you travel through space in a starship in 3D as fast as you can. Accelerate your ship until you get beyond the speed of light! But Space is filled with dangerous asteroids. How fast can you go? And how far into deep space can you travel? Play Beyond Lightspeed to find out!

I may not be able to reply to all comments, but I try my best to read all of them to gather game-development-improvement suggestion. Thank you in advance for your reviews!
Thanks to Tom and Newgrounds staff for frontpage!

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Game is alright. All you do is press spacebar and move around.

I would have rated the game a 4 had there been an option to invert the controls.

I rather enjoy the concept of this game. I can picture it as a minigame scenario for a much larger game. Imagine if you will (In appropriate Rod Sirling voice :) ) You find yourself fleeing some various pursuers as your hyperdrive charges...you look to your starcharts and spot a nearby asteroid field...a dangerous and almost suicidal attempt at eluding capture or worse for as your hyperspace engines begin to charge your ship begins gaining speed at an exponential rate.....

Very addictive !!!

There is simply no point in going fast. The best way to get a high score is to go REALLY slowly, which is extremely boring. The core gameplay was poorly thought out. Additionally, the gameplay lacks in variety, and the hitboxes are too large. However I do like the art and soundtrack.

josh-tamugaia responds:

Respect your opinion, Sir. But wait... if you go Really slow... you can get a distance high score but you can't get a speed high score, right? ;)

I can agree with the other reviewers on suggestions to game play. The common theme in all of the reviewers is that this game obviously lacks game play variety. Nice concept though! It's useful to fill a 10-20 minute time slot but any longer than that and this game gets mundane quickly.