Bowmaster Winter Storm

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Fight epic battles with the help of your enchanted bow. Rally your forces and march into enemy territory to purge the land of the neverending Winter Storm. The latest in the Bowmaster series from LostVectors.com, fight against hordes of new enemies with tons of new upgrades to become the ultimate Bowmaster! Visit LostVectors.com for the latest news about Bowmaster and other new and exciting games.

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Very fun, the effects are also quite sweet.

too bad the army thing is broken. can only have 10 units per level :c

great project, needs much more attention, i see some possible improvements and additions; just some stuff i think could really help this take off, like:

-more advanced difficulty settings, or add battle settings to allow the change of enemy wave spacing, wave launch on timer or end of previous wave option, and what ever else you could think of to spice up/speed up enemy deployment
-a full player class ability/attributes description at class selection
-more class diversity, i.e. destructors have highest initial health, hunters move quickest, mages have fastest initial mana regen, et cetera
-add the ability to melee with the bow
-add a sandbox mode with full enemy/wave, player/army settings, game mode and map selection
-voice recording retouching or expansion
-slight music score extension

other than something larger like a 1v1 multiplayer mode, i can not really see much other possible improvement with this game, well done.

The gameplay is awesome, and I loved every quest. I'm also glad to see you active again, you're one of my favorite game makers on the internet!

I have one question though: are the quests same for each adventure or are they randomized?

I enjoyed this game for a lot hours its a good archery tipe game love it

Credits & Info

3.93 / 5.00

Feb 27, 2014
12:24 AM EST
Strategy - Tower Defense