Sonic Adventure X Ep.1

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Betrayal 5 Points

Clear the Marco Campaign

False Conviction 5 Points

Clear the Ryu Campaign

Unfinished Business 5 Points

Clear the Sonic Campaign

Code Breaker 10 Points

Crack the code

First Blood 10 Points

One bullet to unleash the fury of an entire nation

I'm Seeing Double ! 10 Points

Go toe to toe with your look-a-like

Its-a me, Luigi ! 10 Points

Met the owner of the mansion.

Shadows from Below 10 Points

Thank you Nightcrawler

Too Fast 10 Points

Raced through a horde of soldiers to reach a friend

War Machine 10 Points

Oh Yeah

Front Runner 25 Points

Finished first in the race against the army !

Its-a me, Mario ! 25 Points

Discovered Mario through the scope...

Master Treasure Hunter 25 Points

Recovered the Room Key

Sniper Wolf 25 Points

Sniped out several enemy soldiers and proved how badass you are

Stealth Master 25 Points

Snuck past several enemies without being detected

WMD 25 Points

Took down Stark's weapon

Episode 1 Cleared ! 50 Points

This is just the beginning

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

Act I Episode I - Awakening

The Action Packed Sequel to Street Fighter X Sonic 1 & 2 is finally here and takes on a new name ! It's unbelievable how long I have been working on this project, but i'm proud to say it's finally done ! If you have any questions or run into any problems regarding the game message me and i'll be glad to help ! (: As always please Enjoy and share your thoughts with me after !

*Note - Temporary Lag may occur during Campaign Selection !

LAG UPDATE - I noticed for some reason the game would freeze after completing the Stealth Segment of the game. This issue has also been resolved, Sorry all.

MECHANICAL UPDATE - 10/7/14 - The game has been upgraded to 16Fps which should prove to be a faster smoother experience, also you can just click the screen to continue dialogue.

BONUS UPDATE - 11/2/14 - Just finished up with the final touches on the Secret Campaign. I always felt that part of the game fell short and disappointed. Recently iv'e had the opportunity to add on to it, Unfortunately the game will have tremendous lag, on a good note iv'e also added some new Achievements for you Medal Hunters so you'll get a little something something out of it (: i'm sure most of you have already wrote a review so please message me your thoughts ! Enjoy !


best game ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, time for my review. The game was pretty much already finished when you brought me in to do the NG API stuff, so I couldn't tell you this stuff sooner. To be honest, I'm not sure some of these other reviewers are playing the same game I am (or if they even exist). I find this game to be disappointing at best. For a game with 1200+ library items and a 641 mb FLA file, I was expecting it to be more then just a few minutes for each campaign. You must be doing something terribly wrong, my largest FLA file had 1415 items but was only 85mb. I know you're not optimizing your audio, but that can't be the only cause. I didn't get a chance to see the inside of your FLA so I can't tell how you imported and animated your graphics, and therefore can't offer you advice on that unless you tell me how you did it. I will comment that I find it pretty annoying the Marco and Sonic are like 12 inches tall next to Ryu. As far as the story goes, I wouldn't call it "brilliant", but it's not bad either.

On to the gameplay itself. On a good note, I do like how each campaign is a different type of game. Sonic = platformer/stealth, Ryu = fighting, Marco = run-n-gun. Good idea. On the other hand, this wasn't really a game so much as it was more like a movie with the occasional button mash. I mean Knuckles campaign was pretty much dialogue, walk left, dialogue, to be continued. The dialogue interrupts the game play way to often and its very annoying having keyboard controls and then have to switch to the mouse and back to click each of the text boxes away. Maybe have it so that the space bar advances the text boxes? On a side note, I think the Sonic stealth part was WAY too hard for the first chapter of the series. I eventually mastered it by memorizing the guards movements, but the margin of error is pretty slim. I think this will turn off a lot of players who don't want to put the effort in it like I did.

I suggest you look at other flash games for some ideas on how to make each of your campaigns work more like a game and less like a movie with interactive spots. I'm guessing that each part of your game that the player takes control is a separate section on the timeline that follows a rigid chain of events. This is a bad way to make a game. You need to work on more code generated variety with random variables (like randomly spawned enemies). This will allow you to increase the length of your playable parts and cut down on your file size. Also do some google searches on how to make save game code in AS2 (sorry, I know AS3 and cant help you there). That way you can extend the length of your game and let people save their progress, as well as eliminate the need for passwords (that people can tell others) to unlock later content.

Well that's my piece on this. I hope I was constructive enough that you don't think I'm just being a jerk. I understand that this game is probably the limit of your skill at this point, but you need to strive to do much better. The game is very far from "professional standards". I'm glad I could help with the NG API though since I had such a hard time getting help on it myself.

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Remarkable to say the least ! For so long I awaited the release of a game that can actually be held up to professional standards and that actually wasn't just another score based, dull ass game with no story (interesting at least) and no personal relation/progression. Somehow this game embodies the concept of Sonic Adventure, and all its hilarious cameos. As well as the far stretched conspiracy related action packed storylines we've all come to love, The story so far has me hooked and there's no end in sight which i'm psyched about, and can't wait to see the story bloom and progress. Due to the characters not yet being introduced to the real threat and antagonist, but minor secondary enemy cameos here and there, all add to the uprising of a long term hype building revelation which makes me shed tears of joy. Sure people are gonna whine about music being loud, and lag getting in the way. Which isn't difficult to oversee by the way. But it takes a great mind and gamer to see this Masterpiece for what it truly is and what its shaping to be.

Regarding This Episode I LOVED the fight scene. Ryu's character had a much larger uniqueness to his fighting abilities, a much larger skill set to beat some ass with and the frame rate seemed to have been increased this time around which is always great to see. My MOST Favorite is the campaign intersecting ! Being able to experience something from one character then wondering how that happened, and then to witness it from a completely different aspect is just awesome ! Indeed this game is larger then your last two releases combined. But it truly sets the tone for what's to come. Can't wait to see more dude. Don't lose your touch and keep on keeping on with the series !

Amazing to see another famous characters' story and especially together .
the music is too loud , and the lag is helpless .
But nice work it's great after some amendments .

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3.66 / 5.00

Feb 25, 2014
12:36 PM EST
Adventure - RPG