Day In Chernobyl

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Help the poor kid who lost his classmates while the class trip to survive the day in Chernobyl and find the way to escape!


Yet another interactive story for toddlers following the same pattern:

- stupid character
- random clicking
- ropes, chains, stones, ropes, hooks, ropes
- two parts tools
- slingshots
- easy spinning puzzles
- memory pattern lock puzzles
- unnecessary tasks

I give up on Abroy.

sadly, I reallly prefer games that don't hold your hand, have music that doesn't loop (unless it's soothing)

hidden object games made like this are just... too easy and pointless for me. I prefer games like Submachine and Fifteen Coins. You have to think, but the clues are in front of you. you have to draw conclusions by using complex logical processes. here, you just have to look for the bits to annoying music that is almost making me nauseous from the repetition. PLus my back has a bad twinge today. ;( great idea, realllllly poor execution in terms of the games I usually enjoy. Too much math, too little effort, and no real mental exercise or soul of intrigue in the game just kind of... urk.

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This game pretty much plays it self. BUT I WANT TO DO!!!!

Good game,solid puzzle...collect combine and solve

It almost looks like it's going for a dark comedy vibe, with the formula of a kid's point and click game set in the radioactive wasteland, but all I see is frustratingly easy and lazy gameplay and a looping soundbeat that just make me mute my speakers. I had to stop playing after the first few screens because clicking on obvious objects that solve themselves into a puzzle isn't my idea of fun or engaging, sorry.

Also, what's up with the Abroy 'games for smart people' nonsense?

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2.80 / 5.00

Feb 25, 2014
6:18 AM EST
Adventure - Point 'n Click