Samurai Rebellion

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It's Raining Arrows 5 Points

You launched your first hail of arrows

Samurai Unlocked 5 Points

You won your first battle and unlocked the Samurai

Feeling No Pain 10 Points

You launched your first 'Instant Healing' ability

Iron Skin 10 Points

You launched your first 'Iron Skin' ability

Bow Samurai Unlocked 25 Points

You conquered Noto and unlocked the Bow Samurai

General In The Battle 25 Points

You sent your raging general onto the battlefield!

Harquebusier Unlocked 25 Points

You conquered Awa and unlocked the Harquebusier

Rage Turns To Gold 25 Points

You managed to fill the whole rage-o-meter and kept it until you won the battle

Riders Unlocked 25 Points

You conquered Suruga and recruited their famous riders

No Dachi Hero Unlocked 50 Points

You conquered Chikuzen and unlocked the No Dachi Hero

Satsuma Reached 50 Points

You conquered the most remote province on the map!

A New Shogun 100 Points

Successfully conquered Kyoto, the capital and emperors seat

Conquer All 100 Points

You conquered all 37 provinces!

Author Comments

You are living in the shadow of the unworthy Shogun Nobunaga for far too long, already. Time to gather your loyal forces and take what is yours by the right of conquest!

Samurai Rebellion is a fast-paced, battle-oriented strategy game set in medieval Japan around the year 1600, featuring both tactical and strategical gameplay, 37 levels, 7 unit types, and a unique art style based on ancient Japanese Ukiyo-e printing.

Shift+Number -> select lane
Ctrl+Number -> launch ability/buff
Number -> place unit

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Pretty lovely and clever game. Hard, challenging, but awesome. I really love the graphics, they are just pure brilliancy.

The music and the artwork is okay but the gameplay is so repetitive.

fiarly easy, all you need to win a match is 40 pikemen and 20 samurai bowmen, i tested it, you can win the final battle with it.

Good game I love the artwork, only problem I can find so far is the restriction on lanes. Could you possibly add more? That would add more strategy to the game instead of what is basically sending your men into a meat grinder.

What is this shit? The automatic winner of every battle is the guy with more soldiers. If you don't have enough soldiers or enough money you're fucked. I don't know why all these other reviews are talking this game up, these people must be fucking high. This game is shit.

Credits & Info

3.94 / 5.00

Feb 22, 2014
6:11 PM EST
Strategy - Real-time (RTS)