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Here is short animation I have been working on for the last two months. Halfway through the animation I have decided to twist up the story a little bit.
Hope you like it!!
Thanks for the front page Tom<3

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This is one of the most incredible and artistic things I've seen, perfectly encapsulates a lot of things right now! I don't know if its what you were going for, but my interpretation was that the guy gets up every morning to take a coffee with a vitamin pill (great idea by the way, i should try it myself) for him to demonstrate him caring for himself and getting ready to meet social expectations, and he's literally launched to work. His work is repetitive and occurs at a desk, where he gamifies it for himself for him to tolerate it. I felt like what we see next was really cool, with the homeless getting fed, people becoming healthier and happy. And even though I'd like to assume it was literal and fantastic, it feels like its what the guy feels/ tells himself is the result of his work: that it somehow helps the world become a better place. Once he's done with work, its him struggling to retain his sense of self identity so he doesn't become lost in the crowd, and he always needs to remind himself of who he truly is as a person. Its what I interpreted, and what I related to, and it was done really beautifully while exemplifying the best of artistic flash animation to me.

I came here after seeing "I want to see you Happy" short, and watching "A House in the Clouds" immediately without knowing that you were responsible for both of them. Then I came here, looked for more examples of your work, and when I did realize you made both of those things in addition to this, I was amazed. Youve developed and changed so much over different periods of time.
You've retained a lot of the charm that seems characteristic of your work since House in the Clouds, and your improvement from since then is highly visible as well in everything youve made since then. You've learned how to keep people interested in your characters and their actions while conveying more graceful animation and much better timing, which is present here and aids a lot in conveying a broader message while letting us appreciate the way your characters behave.

"I want to see you Happy" demonstrates a lot of the best of what you've grown in and seamlessly conveys a lot, while retaining your classic hallmark of sending a message in a graceful and, for lack of better words, refined yet unpretentious way. I love your work and what you do!

MihaP responds:

Wow, first of all thanks for the review. It's not common that I receive such long comments, I appreciate that. Also, glad you liked it.

About the animation... I actually had to watch it again, because I don't really remember all the details since it was so long since I made it. Well watching it now after so many years I feel like even I have a problem understanding it. It's like that mostly because my creative process back in the day. Having an idea animating it and never storyboard or sketch it out. That's why there seems like there are a lot of ideas floating round this one.

I like when people find different ways to understand my animations and I generally like to make them so it's open for interpretations. I think your interpretation isn't much different than mine.

Well to me I think it's about having to put on a "happy" face and play the game of pretend even though your life might be completely soul crushing, but at some point you will have to face the realities of life like with the demons/ghosts part and the only way of not being destroyed by them is you know maybe just taking one more pill/injection because only something that's that intrusive and can change you somewhat biologically can help you cope.

That's I guess the short version of it. I am a somewhat different person now than I was then so I don't really see myself doing anything in this style. But I am really happy that other people can still enjoy it as much as maybe I did in the past.

Again, thanks for the review it means a lot and glad you've noticed that I have improved and are enjoying my other animations as well :3


the music really sold it for me.

Soma, is what they would take when hard times opened their eyes. Saw pain in a new way.

I'm really honored to be involved in this in some way. This animation was great, and the ending was really interesting. I'm glad to have been a part of a creepy moment with my song, since that's what I had intended it for originally. Thanks for using it, and great stuff!

MihaP responds:

Thanks man! Your song was amazing and it fitted well in my anination:)

this is why you dont take pills kids