Last Hope Bus

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Drive your bus through the hordes of zombies. Pick up people who survived in this hell and deliver them to shelter. Upgrade your bus and expand the squad.

WASD or Arrow Keys to drive
SPACE - Handbrake

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if you learn how to drive on the game it should be easier

Well I don't know why people aren't getting out of their car in that second mission. I tried numerous ways to cater to them, all to no avail. I thought this game was poorly done. And the driving mechanics weren't all that good either. Perhaps more testing should've gone into this game.

Entertaining idea, and pretty well done. The graphics were dark and dirty, and suited the theme of the game very well. I did have the occasional problem telling what was decoration and what was an obstical, but the uncertain confusion added to gameplay. The music also suited the feel of the game very well. The sound effects were okay, but not great. Running over a dog was a little more like a squeaky hinge. Game play was difficult, but not frustrating. Trying to drive down a cluttered street would be a pain, and trying to back up accurately is hell in real life. The upgrades were decent. The gunners were nice, and most upgrades were ballenced and useful. Not sure about the upgraded bumper, running over a zombie seemed a kill, period.

My only issue was some of the physics, and that mostly in the graphics setting. The van could shove a truck aside without real trouble, but a branch in the road was an impossible obstical that had to be gone around. The gunner's AI was also a bit on the retarded side. The machinegunner seemed to only aim for zombies lit up by the bomb thrower. A touch annoying, but he was still useful.

In all, I enjoyed playing, but not the sort of game with a lot of interest in replay.

its okay, but way too easy!

too easy. and repetitive. try make new kind of vombies for each level.

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3.62 / 5.00

Feb 19, 2014
4:04 AM EST
Sports - Racing