Beyond Darkness

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Author Comments

*If the game takes too long to load / lags or anything like that, you can download it from here http://www.mediafire.com/download/n2yl361uw8o4qoo/Beyond_Darkness.zip and play it on your desktop..*

*Edit 1: I added the option to go back to the main menu after you get an ending. So you don't have to load the game again.

*Edit 2: I fixed some typos... I hope there aren't many left .-.

*Beyond Darkness is kind of different from my other games, because it has drama and romance.
But of course it still does have mystery elements and some creepy moments. So if you don't like the first part, I hope you at least finish the game because things do change ^^;;
(This game is a visual novel, but unlike my previous game, this one doesn't have any gameplay in it..)

*I tried my best to improve the art from my past games... And I hope I did a decent job? o:
(Some of the backgrounds are from the game "Rewrite")

*The music are either edited or original songs from KEY Visual Art's and 07th expansion.

If there are any mistakes or typos in the game, feel free to tell me so that I can fix them (I did go through it many times to make sure nothing is wrong... But things happen ^^;)

*I'll be working on Remember Death sequels now, and I am planning to make it a cross between Visual Novel and Platformer... And I hope it turns out well o:

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I'm sitting here playing this at 3 a.m. and this damn game literally made me cry... beautiful story, very well done x'J Favorited!

a Perfect game!, I love it!. It have a trully beautifull story what i enjoyed every second. I hope to see more works like this from you in the future :')

So I started playing the game got to day 4 after she got to the college and met with her friends and they didn't remember maya the screen fades black and stays that way help please. I also downloaded the game and it still does it. rated 3 stars until I can finish it lol

what a happy ending

OMG!! This game is perfect! I would rate this game 200 out of 10. Personally,.. twords the end I cryied like a baby. I dont i cried that much ever over a game and so that must mean something is really good with the game. so keep it up Dark06 Star!