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Half Eaten Sandwich

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Hi, new short, please tell me if it tickled your fancy

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made me laugh, original kind of satire, interesting graphics, I liked the voices.

It's also a good at showing typical ignorance and hypocrisy so there's a moral lining.

Blordow responds:

Thanks, glad you enjoyed all the aspects of it!

lol, different type of satire in this one. I do agree there's an excessive waste of food in the world, but maybe that's not the point after all? :P Interestiong style on the graphics; a moral in there too. Keep it going!


Blordow responds:

Nah, I'm not particularly trying to prove a point I just thought it'd be funny to use a bit of hypocrisy hehe

Haha interesting animation style, pretty unique.
The vibe for this is quirky, yet appealing, and I dig your accent.
It makes the scolding that the other guy received even more entertaining :D
I was almost expecting you to call him a "duffer!"
I love that phrase XD
Keep up the awesome work!

Blordow responds:

duffer is also a great word, though I think it's too playful to be an insult :P Cheers for the review!

Congratulations dude! this was picked by the NG staff team. I laughed about the african part because i'm african lol! Nice animation but a little too short. You did well on the voice

Blordow responds:

Can you predict the future or somethin? It hasn't been picked by any staff, thanks though!

heheh. I learned to mimic other people's accents. i cna speak in any accent I like, provided I know it already. However, i don't remember them by location-name so much as by sound and sesnation of said sound. try that!

Yeah, i think about this kind of thing all the time. hypocracy is a part of life. everyone is a hypocrite at some point. ;) it's the people who never realize that I worry about. ;O

Blordow responds:

we're all hypocrites