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A strange application I found on an USB stick when packing my stuffs. I don't remember working on it or what I had in mind at the time, I can't even figure out how to progress through the first screens, so, for the curious out there, maybe someone will be able to crack it.

Right-clic OR press Space to guide the little character.

ESC to reboot current screen.


A bug on a field #8: blaster shots only once... or is it a feature?

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Kouboooo responds:

Blasters should not shoot when a bullet is on screen. Otherwise, it's a bug... :/

So I can't even get past the first screen. Absolutely nothing I did worked. No buttons or amount of clicking either left or right did anything. I'm playing on a Macbook Pro if that means anything. It must work because there are reviews that say this game is great. But all it is to me is unplayable.

Kouboooo responds:

I'm sorry, I don't know why it shouldn't work for you. I have never met the majority of the bugs that are raised here, it gets discouraging...

It's a really cool game and all, but the problem is that there is no save states and when I screwed up on Quantum Field 9, I hit Esc thinking it would restart the level, but it started the entire game over instead. That severely diminishes the fun of the game, especially if it is meant to be long. Again, a really cool game, but the lack of checkpoints diminishes the fun.

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I don't have a right-click... I'm sure the game is great, it's just, not everybody has a mouse with two buttons.

Kouboooo responds:

It's done! Now you can guide the character with the Spacebar. :)

It is indeed a lot of fun. i enjoyed the challenge before the game breaking glitch came in. on Quantum field 6 after you beat it and the lights come back on, when you take the teleport to the next field it drops you down the middle whole and you 'sway' back and forth unable to continue. it needs a quick fix and then it may be fully playable.

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3.82 / 5.00

Feb 15, 2014
7:29 AM EST
Puzzles - Other