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Feb 15, 2014 | 7:29 AM EST

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A strange application I found on an USB stick when packing my stuffs. I don't remember working on it or what I had in mind at the time, I can't even figure out how to progress through the first screens, so, for the curious out there, maybe someone will be able to crack it.

Right-clic OR press Space to guide the little character.

ESC to reboot current screen.



Rated 5 / 5 stars

so, if you searched for any comment with my name, you'd be hard pressed to find one, but i felt as though i had to for this game. it was GREAT. and while i never experienced the field 8 bug, i didnt find any other bug. so i say CONTINUE, if you can, maybe if those other 3 "levels" right after the main menu theres 3 red rectangles, couldnt get to em. :) thanks for the upload to newgrounds Kouboooo

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

I'm sure this has probably already been mentioned, but I'm going to repeat it anyway on the slight chance it hasn't been said. In field 8, the first time I played it the shooter stopped working. After resetting the level the bottom blue platform controls didn't work. I can't say anything about the other controls cause I couldn't get to them. Other than that, great game.

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Kouboooo responds:

Yup, it was reported but not in details : the platform controls problem was new to me ! But it should be fixed now. :)
Thank you for your help !


Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Overall a great game for what I played, but the bugs make it impossible. The shooter worked the first time but it didn't shoot again and I see no other way to progress.

I assumed it would save or there would be a level select and I don't plan to replay the same levels just to get back to where I was.

Kouboooo responds:

I'm sorry you had got this bug... It should be fixed, I don't understand how shooters could be stuck now. Where was the bullet ? Did you lit the room ? Was it in field 4 ?
There are only 10 "screens" so I didn't think a save fonction would be necessary. I hope you could give it another chance. Otherwise thank you for playing nonetheless!


Rated 5 / 5 stars

A wonderful little game, bugs and all! I had a blast playing it, and have played through 3 times now (wanted to play through twice, but a bug stuffed my second run). On one of the levels, (I can't remember which, maybe 6th?), I got a blaster to fire a shot only once and never again, which was a tad gamebreaking. To make matters worse, without an autosave feature, refreshing (which is the standard way of dealing with a buggy playthrough) causes a total restart :/

I just replayed to try to verify the bug for you: on field 8, if the trigger behind the gun is activated by the gun's bullet, the gun will never shoot another bullet. BioVass mentioned this, and it is a bug; you can't complete the level if this happens. To replicate this bug, you simply start level 8, and instead of activating the trigger first or changing the angle of the shot deflector, simply click the blaster (the one in the top left of the screen, above the red info placard). This bug forces a game restart, because you need the blaster to activate a platform that would allow you to enter the level exit (so that you might restart the level). I further agree that escape should allow a level restart, or at least confirm restarting the game (so that you have the option to back out of a total restart).

This bug got me too on my second playthrough.

The only other thing I would recommend is alternate controls (introduced to the player in the first level) for those of us who don't have right-clicks (e.g. so that left click is light, and right click OR space is move command). I would have used alt keys anyway since right clicks feel like a slippery movement for me anyway.

All of this aside, this game ROCKS! This is legitimately one of the best puzzle platformers I have played on NG. The effects are spot on and not overdone, the presentation is wonderful, there is little to fault other than bugs. Consider throwing in bonus levels with the bugfixes, and maybe more puzzle mechanics as well!

Other tips:
-The pong level can be beat by simply moving the paddle in the path of the initial blaster shot, shooting the blaster, then allowing the shot to rebound off of the paddle and wall piece until random deflections angle the ball upwards into the field generator. If it randomly deflects downward, allow the ball to leave the playfield and try again.
-The platforms seem to use a simple sine based movement with a default height. Consider setting the platforms to using changeable heights at least, and use accel and decel values to control move speed at most. Currently, some platforms can not be boarded even though they are only knee height to the man, which forces some silly situations sometimes (where you need to board platforms by letting them come down on top of you, then 'popping' on top of the platform). The platforms feel somewhat crude, so more refinement there would seriously polish a game like this up. An example of this is in the 7th level (I think) where there are three switches for 3 platforms on the right of the screen. Depending on how you activate these platforms, you can actually make the two right-most platforms intersect each other before you can actually get off the first platform, making you either unable to move (at worst), or instantly pops you onto the highest platform (at best).

Hopefully this information is helpful to you sir. Excellent game, overall.

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Kouboooo responds:

Thanks a lot for your detailed review!
I'll try to take into account the more of your excellent suggestions.
At first, I fixed some bugs that you reported me (blasters, etc.). I am grateful for your help and thank you for playing!


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Brilliant idea for a game, very psychedelic and cerebral, making for a pretty nice game.

The choice of ambience sound over music matches the game's theme very well, and I really like the simplistic graphics filtered with a TV effect. These two things combine set up a pretty bleak, eerie atmosphere that I enjoy a lot.

I think the gameplay style and mechanics are pretty cool, too. For one, I like how everything is pretty dark, so you can only see tiny portions of a place at a time, according to where your character is standing or according to where you click, it makes navigation and location of objects a genuine, interesting challenge. The puzzle solving aspect of the game, done mostly by clicking the right blocks or placing the character in the right places, is straightforward and simple enough, but thanks to an interesting array of stage features, it makes for a pretty interesting set of puzzles. The mouse controls work perfectly, and I like how complex this game was for a mouse-only game.

The complaint I have about the gameplay is that the stage design in many areas is just too unfair. For instance, Field 4, in which you have to direct the reflectors so that a bullet fired from the gun will reach the generator. This puzzle would be okay if it were just that, but the need to illuminate the stage in order to see the reflectors was a pain in the ass, because not only you had to click all the time in order to see the playing field, you also had to collect berries in order to continue clicking.

I was most impressed with the theme of the game revolving around quantum physics, and how crazy and absurd our world seems to be when we take it into consideration. Also, the interplay between the cursor character and the sprite character are pretty cool too.

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Kouboooo responds:

I understand your frustration about the berries in field 4. I have tweaked the regeneration process of the plants in order to allow the player to gather a decent stock of berries faster. I hope it will be less annoying now.
I'm glad you enjoyed the theme, as abstract and twisted as it was!