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Happy Valentines day! Ihope you don't get a call like this
it took me like an hour and a half to make that chiptune

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this no offense was the worst flash or well anything i have seen in my 6 years of coming to this site. um u made a mouse curser red and move other than that the movement in this beginning was it and the song choice...nvm even on purpose this overall was a bad experience again please dont think im taking you down a peg im just giving my opinion

i dont know if i would like to hear this by my girl on valentine's day. :P

good flash, nice drawings, and quite funny story(it was!)
but the sound and the song sounded a bit ''static-y'', and jammed.
maybe try improving the sound file's quality?

also was that you singing? it was good, and funny!

anyways, do more

BlueKoalaClock responds:

Yeah, I sang that. I used a tracker music program, like the kind they used to use on old Amiga computers. I was intentionally going for a lo-fi/chiptune sound, and synthesized some of the sounds used myself; that might explain the poor sound quality.

Dat Song

Umm, yeah...I have to say it sounded like a jarbled mess of sounds just thrown togther.

Please upload the song to itunes so I can make it my ringtone.