Mineral Rush: Runes zero

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Quester 5 Points

Complete a quest

Refining 5 Points

Smelt something in the Blast Furnace

Super stones 5 Points

Acquire a rune

Touch of Gold 5 Points

Acquire Gold Ore

Achiever 10 Points

Complete the first Quest set

Coal collector 10 Points

Have more than 1000 coal

It's under 9000! 10 Points

Get as close to under 9000 coins as you can

Jewerly at it's finest 10 Points

Acquire Sapphire

Knighting up 10 Points

Smith a shield

Lifesaving bling 10 Points

Smith a golden shield

Lumber Leet 10 Points

Have 13 Oak Wood and 37 Willow Wood at the same time

Man's best friend 10 Points

Smith a pickaxe

Preparing for Adventure 10 Points

Smith a sword

Adventurer 25 Points

Acquire 100 Bravery Power

Any Miner's wet dream 25 Points

Acquire Dragonstone via mining

Expert Miner 25 Points

Acquire 100 Mining Power

Knighted up! 25 Points

Acquire 25 armor power

Local hero 25 Points

Finish the Village quest set

Mythical Equipment 25 Points

Smith a Dragonstone tool

Simply Awesome 25 Points

Acquire 1000 Total Power

The power of Belief 25 Points

Smith a necklace

See you in Valhalla 50 Points

Defeat Paulous

Epic emeraldness 100 Points

Acquire the Emerald pickaxe

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

Mineral Rush: Runes Zero is a game where you have to mine to find minerals, you then smelt your ores with coal. And you can buy and smith equipment to mine more efficient. You sacrifice rocks for runes for power ups, and finish quests.

The Barbarian Paulous is jealous of your mining skills, so watch your health.

Will you ever defeat him?


From some apparent reason I get a blank screen, I was able to play before it happened. My save shifted to past, [Example: From 1600 mining power to 539] this version has a lot of bugs that makes it less enjoyable to play. Well... If you happen to fix it one day I'll be more than happy to give it more stars next season. Although I played your first version then it just arrived about a year ago or so... Yes, it was great. Brings back something new that I experienced your development went not too far than it was at first. Sincere, thanks! For making Mineral Rush, Maxiecole.

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Maxiecole responds:

Thanks, I'm glad you like the game, and I'm sorry the bugs affected your expierience, I'm clueless to what causes the save-shift problem. I haven't had problems with it.

Man I rarely write a review since I don't know how to critic something, oh well but this is a great game so why does this have only 3 star D: Oh and how close to 9000 must I get to unlock the medal Its under 9000 +_+

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Maxiecole responds:

Thank you!

As close as you possibly can! Buying health potions might help you as it can change the last digit.

This is a very very good game!
I have spent around 15 hours playing this game and still can't get the "fist of fortune" and "tricking death" medal.

the clicking makes my arms sore, maybe some upgrade about clicking could be added, say autoclicking maybe?

There is a bug, when the number of a curtain object reached 10mil, the font size of the numbers will be lowered, but the one with the gold ore will not, that is, I have aroudn 788mil gold ore, yet the number is still very big. (although I don't know about the stones and the dragonstone ore if they have the same bug)

Another bug (seldom occur) is that when i try to save the game, it turns out to load my last save instead of saving it and turns out losing all my stuff up to the last safe.

I like the fact that the numbers can go way beyond 2147483647 which is the limit of int.
How do you do that? is it long int? or unsigned long int?

and I just died from the killing rune :P haha, I may not play it again, but it is a really good game!

two more things,
1. HP can go beyond 100 by using the HP+ rune, but when I quit game and open it next day, I find that my Hp drop back to 100. I wish I can keep my extra hp.
2. When the game refresh, say quit and open it on the next day, the pickaxe option changed back to the basic axe, I wish it will automatical change to the best axe, e.g. If i have the dragonstone axe, I would like to set the default axe as the dragonstone axe rather than the basic axe.

Btw, why would you set up a fist option for mining? it's funny, but why...

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Maxiecole responds:

Hi, thanks for the commet!
I don't think I want an auto miners/autoclickers, it would be too much like cookie clicker.
Noted the gold bug, I will fix it in the next patch.

The saving bug is bad, I know, just in case it might happen, I ask everyone to save frequently. I'm not sure why this happens.

I don't know what unsigned long int and long ints are, but I just used the default value for numbers. Too bad the Newgrounds scoreboards doesn't go over 2147483647 :P

It's unfortunate that you died to the rune. If you manage to get more than 125 health, you will not die by the rune of death no matter what. You will just lose 100 health.
I will look into how I can save the bonus health.
I will probably make the default pickaxe change to the best one, good suggestions.

Well, I had the fist option because, yes, it's for fun. Some of the reason was that people could get the option to pick between tools at the very start, so it's less forgetable, I suppose.

The fist of fortune medal should be somewhat easy to guess based on the name, but if you want an extra hint, It's what I just talked about :P

This game is awesome!!! Its fun and addicting like the new cookie clicker. Also, unlike cookie clicker, there is a challenge when the barbarian hits you you have to heal back at the store and constantly do that. Love the game!!!

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Maxiecole responds:

Thank you!

Not bad definitely an improvement over the original finally stones have a use so it's not so frustrating when you collect them.

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Maxiecole responds:

Thank you! I'm glad you think it's an improvement.

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Credits & Info

3.60 / 5.00

Feb 14, 2014
5:58 AM EST
Adventure - Other