Mineral Rush: Runes zero

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Quester 5 Points

Complete a quest

Refining 5 Points

Smelt something in the Blast Furnace

Super stones 5 Points

Acquire a rune

Touch of Gold 5 Points

Acquire Gold Ore

Achiever 10 Points

Complete the first Quest set

Coal collector 10 Points

Have more than 1000 coal

It's under 9000! 10 Points

Get as close to under 9000 coins as you can

Jewerly at it's finest 10 Points

Acquire Sapphire

Knighting up 10 Points

Smith a shield

Lifesaving bling 10 Points

Smith a golden shield

Lumber Leet 10 Points

Have 13 Oak Wood and 37 Willow Wood at the same time

Man's best friend 10 Points

Smith a pickaxe

Preparing for Adventure 10 Points

Smith a sword

Adventurer 25 Points

Acquire 100 Bravery Power

Any Miner's wet dream 25 Points

Acquire Dragonstone via mining

Expert Miner 25 Points

Acquire 100 Mining Power

Knighted up! 25 Points

Acquire 25 armor power

Local hero 25 Points

Finish the Village quest set

Mythical Equipment 25 Points

Smith a Dragonstone tool

Simply Awesome 25 Points

Acquire 1000 Total Power

The power of Belief 25 Points

Smith a necklace

See you in Valhalla 50 Points

Defeat Paulous

Epic emeraldness 100 Points

Acquire the Emerald pickaxe

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

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Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

Mineral Rush: Runes Zero is a game where you have to mine to find minerals, you then smelt your ores with coal. And you can buy and smith equipment to mine more efficient. You sacrifice rocks for runes for power ups, and finish quests.

The Barbarian Paulous is jealous of your mining skills, so watch your health.

Will you ever defeat him?


Why the hell does he in 5 time rapidly atack me? in short time period

Maxiecole responds:

Maybe because he was dropped as a child :P

Those RuneScape items again lol

I'm only getting 1 ore per rock mined, no matter what my mining power is. There doesn't seem to be a difference between mines except the number of rock on screen and barbarian damage. If I'm supposed to be getting more that's fine, but if not, this game is way too slow. I've been here for hours and I'm still on the second mine.

Maxiecole responds:

You should start getting 2 ores per rock at around 160 mining power. You find ores more frequent in the better mines.

OMG, it's like Runescape all over again! Haha, good game though, lots of maths used xD

Maxiecole responds:

Haha yeah, I used to love Runescape. I definitely took some inspiration from that game. Thanks.

You can save online saves automatically. To do that, you should run the saving code when the user presses the mouse button or a keyboard key, and certain period of time has passed. It should work, because users tend to click mouse buttons and keyboard keys a lot during the gameplay, so you can use those events dispatched by user's input devices during gameplay to auto-save periodically.
If there's no security limitation for Newgrounds saves (I'm not sure), meaning, you can save Newgrounds online saves inside onEnterFrame functions, then you can do that.

BUG (?):
Health is not saved. Meaning if I'm on low health, I can just refresh the page, and never buy health postions.

I'm not sure what causes the bug for some users, when the save button loads the last save instead of saving, that's most likely some error in your interface code. Perhaps if they explained what happens better, on what screen they are, etc, you could make less broad judgements about the bug.

Anyway, I think the graphics are sub-par (because of improper use of gradients, try to make hard-cell shading and highlights instead, they should fit well with shiny stones), and the gameplay is only moderately interesting. Besides, I feel like even after reading the manual, I still don't know how to play the game, I'm lost in its variety of the rules. If you could add a tutorial which progresses the player through the game via popup-messages by helping him/her progress through the first few quests such as get a rune and use it, or smelt (indeed) few bars of gold, that would help people out.
I'm also suspecting that you're more used to working with raster graphics than with vector graphics. Where are those background and menu textures from? Besides, there's nothing preventing you from making all graphics in the game raster.

I can't seem to spot bugs. Yet the gameplay complication without dynamic in-gameplay tips (-0.5 a star), sub-par vector graphics with gradients (-0.5 a star) and cluttered, haphazardly organized interface (-0.5 a star) do not serve the game's final score too well. HOWEVER, however, I can SMELT stuff. So bonus +0.5. And the base score, without additions and subtractions is 5. So 4/5
The game is getting lower score than what I decided, because of the three mentioned reasons, although the worst letdown which affects your score the most, I think, is cluttered interface, indeed. Fix that and the score will grow. Like p**ises of g**s at the sight of J**tin B**b*r

Online saving is a great feature indeed, glad to see it working. You can ask for more help any time.

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Maxiecole responds:

Hey kkots, thanks for the comment
About the auto-save, I used an interval for the local cache saving method, I think that's the best way to do it. The reason I couldn't use auto-saving on the online save method is because I expirienced a very weird bug where I couldn't properly delete and save data multiple times. I had to load the data every time I saved. So say you're in the middle of mining and the game begins to auto save, you mine 6 more rocks and it finished saving so it loads. And you lose the 6 rocks. That's why I disabled autosaving.

You're right, health is not saving, got to fix that.

I'm baffled about the bug. It must be that for some reason the save file doesn't get deleted. And the user always loads the first save file.

I agree on the graphics, yes, highlights would've been more appropiate.

I have showed the game to a couple friends. Some instatly get the game, and some doesn't, and give up. It's strange how that works. To me the game seems simple, get ores, smelt, make tools, and get more ores, but everyone is different. I tried to do a sort of "tutorial" with the quests. Whereas the first quest is to obtain 3 gold bars. (introducing to smelting) next is to reach a certain minng power (smithing) and later on obtaining runes, etc. I would like to use dynamic helps that pop out, but I never figured a good way to make those. I agree the interface can be improved, I was looking at the menu before I published the game and though, man, that's alot of buttons. I could have made it so the game "handholds" you until you get the idea, but I personally hate that kind of stuff when I'm playing games. I just click "Play" "next" "next "next".

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Credits & Info

3.60 / 5.00

Feb 14, 2014
5:58 AM EST
Adventure - Other