Mineral Rush: Runes zero

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Quester 5 Points

Complete a quest

Refining 5 Points

Smelt something in the Blast Furnace

Super stones 5 Points

Acquire a rune

Touch of Gold 5 Points

Acquire Gold Ore

Achiever 10 Points

Complete the first Quest set

Coal collector 10 Points

Have more than 1000 coal

It's under 9000! 10 Points

Get as close to under 9000 coins as you can

Jewerly at it's finest 10 Points

Acquire Sapphire

Knighting up 10 Points

Smith a shield

Lifesaving bling 10 Points

Smith a golden shield

Lumber Leet 10 Points

Have 13 Oak Wood and 37 Willow Wood at the same time

Man's best friend 10 Points

Smith a pickaxe

Preparing for Adventure 10 Points

Smith a sword

Adventurer 25 Points

Acquire 100 Bravery Power

Any Miner's wet dream 25 Points

Acquire Dragonstone via mining

Expert Miner 25 Points

Acquire 100 Mining Power

Knighted up! 25 Points

Acquire 25 armor power

Local hero 25 Points

Finish the Village quest set

Mythical Equipment 25 Points

Smith a Dragonstone tool

Simply Awesome 25 Points

Acquire 1000 Total Power

The power of Belief 25 Points

Smith a necklace

See you in Valhalla 50 Points

Defeat Paulous

Epic emeraldness 100 Points

Acquire the Emerald pickaxe

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

Mineral Rush: Runes Zero is a game where you have to mine to find minerals, you then smelt your ores with coal. And you can buy and smith equipment to mine more efficient. You sacrifice rocks for runes for power ups, and finish quests.

The Barbarian Paulous is jealous of your mining skills, so watch your health.

Will you ever defeat him?


good game to waste time on, but i have one question:
are the models from runescape?

Maxiecole responds:

The pickaxes, tools and swords were "inspired" by Runescape, yes.


Good game, but sometimes when i save it resets my stats to the last save, is there a way around this? Other than that, great job.

Maxiecole responds:

Thanks. I fixed have fixed the save bug in a recent update. Are you playing on the latest version? It should say v1.2 below the preloader. If not, you're playing on an old version of the game. This can be fixed by clearing cache or playing on a different browser.

A strangely enticing game.

I've never reviewed a game that's such an odd mix of simple yet complex. It sort of leaves me wondering what the heck there is to say about it. This is one of those weird occasions with a weird game that leaves me, for lack of a better made-up term, "opinionally torn." That said, I think it's time I gave Mineral Rush: Runes Zero a proper run-down to see just what it is.

Let's start with the general premise. You're a miner, and...well, you're mining. Nothing to really elaborate on there. Well, there is some story about some barbarian named Paulous that pillages your village, and attacks you while you mine, but it's not really shown in any real detail. The base of it is, you mine things, he smacks you while you do. Simply put.

Now, onto artwork. A lot of the backgrounds are, what I believe to be, pre-made backgrounds the dev slapped in for a little bit of flair. What is hand-drawn or made isn't the best in the world, but the look isn't very important, and doesn't take away from the main gameplay.

Speaking of gameplay, it's, and I just can't explain how, both pretty bare-bones, yet of a surprising amount of depth. The base gameplay is you click on some crude-looking rocks, and you collect ores that you use to smelt materials and either sell or craft with them. Meanwhile, as you mine, there's a potential chance that Cletus the Cleaver over on your right will occasionally pop his head out and twat you with his sword a few times, thereby lowering your health. And if you hit 0 health, you ded, son. You lose all made progress, and start from square one.

The ores you collect, as I mentioned before, can be crafted into ingots with the use of the blast furnace. Each ingot recipe requires different ores and amounts, all used with the precursor material coal. Coal is a necessary ingredient that can only be bought, which, and this is a friendly tip, you NEVER want to run out of! If you find your coal at 0, and can't afford more, you're in for some problems, which I'll mention in a minute.

Once ores are made, you can either sell them in the store, or use them at the blacksmith. At the blacksmith, ingots you've made at the blast furnace can be crafted with the use of wood and gems into different items that increase 3 stats: Bravery, which is your power and strength, Armor, which I'd recommend increasing immediately, and Mining, which just means you can find more ore often, and in much larger quantities.

Alongside that are some other features, such as the Altar. As you mine, you'll notice you'll find a lot of garden-variety rocks which are basically useless in crafting, selling, and basically anything else of importance. However, if you have enough, you can sacrifice them at the altar, apparently to some rock-related god or something, and get runes. Runes are your best friend, second only to coal: they each hold different types of abilities and power-ups that changes how you play the game. They are:

Rune of Incendiary Strike- This rune allows for the ability to smelt ores into usable ingots without the need of coal! If you find yourself running out of coal, this rune is the perfect lifeline.

Rune of Blessed Shine- Using this rune grants the player extra health whenever they find iron ore or higher when mining. It's an amazing rune to get, as, given your luck with ores, you can overheal yourself by infinite amounts. This will make you pretty resilient to Paulous and cut down on health potions by a huge margin; to those who are careful, they may never need a health potion again!

Rune of Rhetorical Charm- Makes whatever you sell worth more while the rune is in effect. Good for getting the most out of bulk sale.

Rune of Death- This rune is probably the trickiest to use. I'd only recommend using them when you have a high health total and bravery power. Using them has the potential to damage you by 100 health, thus, if you're not overhealed, effectively killing you and making you start over. However, there is also the chance the rune is harmless and increases your bravery power for using it.

Rune of Wishes- The game lists this rune as having no use whatsoever. While I perhaps can disagree, as I feel there's possibly a hidden use for them not yet known, there's a likely chance they are, in fact, useless. These are the most common runes to acquire.

Rune of Perfectionism- Makes necklaces have the chance to be made Perfect. When they are, they add to a Perfect multiplier. The more Perfect necklaces you craft in a row, the more powerful the enchantment, some by near exponential amounts. There's also a 50/50 chance of making it normally, breaking any combo you have. Recommended if you have a huge amount of Sapphires at your disposal.

Rune of Boulder Eyes- This increases the size of the boulders you see, making it easier to click and obtain ore. Best used with the Rune of Brute force for the best results.

Rune of Brute Force- This makes it so that your hits are so strong, they cause a ripple, destroying all rocks around the one you clicked. Used with Boulder Eyes, you can get large amounts of ore effortlessly.

There's several types of ore in the game, each with different properties. Bronze is the lowest metal, that, when crafting, contributes 1 point to the power total. Iron is the second grade metal, which adds 2 to any power total when crafted. Steel is the first high grade metal, increasing power total by what I believe is 5 or 6 points. Gold is the second highest grade metal, increasing power totals by 15.
Sapphires are special gems that appear rarely, but are not used in conventional crafting; instead, they're used with gold to produce necklaces with varying effects. Dragonstone is the highest grade metal of the entire game, and is a needle in a haystack to find. However, if found, it increases a power total by a notably large amount.

As you increase your stats, you unlock new areas, where Attila the Hun over there gets stronger and stronger, doing more damage each level. You definitely want to be prepared, lest he get the upper hand over you. You do get to eventually fight Paulous, which, if you win, unlocks Raiding Routes that give you free materials, but Paulous in his home turf is a bit of a wily turd; you'll want to be sufficiently strong to beat him.

Finally, there's quests. These quests unlock a bevy of useful rewards, and new picks to use. Completing them is well worth it, as the gain out of them is sometimes remarkably good.

Now, with all of this in place, this sounds like a rather diverse game, right? Well....eh? Basically, most of the gameplay boils down to an inoffensive button-clicker. Most of your time will be spent grinding the necessary ores and materials required to beef up your stats and protect yourself from Paulous. And trust me, a LOT of grinding will be involved in this game, including a certain quest which, at the time, takes a REALLY long time, but seems like child's play once you reach about the point of the game where Paulous is but a faint memory. And yet, even with all those complaints...I still find a strange attraction to this game, moreso than some games that I found, in my own opinion, just basically better. It's weird how a game I'm not that totally in to somehow sucks me back in whenever I need something to do. So, out of the flaws, that's a surprising and very good plus in the game's favor.

In all, the game seems a lot like what you'd consider a filler. It's not something you want to play by itself for hours on end, because you'll get tired of it rather quickly, unless you're one of those kinds of people where watching numbers go up is fun for you. And that's okay, lots of people like that, it's one of the appeals to RPG's, for instance, but for some people, like myself, it's not something I like in and of itself. As mentioned, it's a really good time filler for if you're, say, loading something, or waiting for a video to buffer, waiting for Planetside 2 to install, or if you're just taking a short break. In total, Mineral Rush is a surprisingly addictive game for what it is, but not really worth the devotion of your off-hours by itself. Good job, Maxiecole, and keep it up. Until then, MOAR DRAGONSTONE.

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Maxiecole responds:

Thank you very much sir for such a detailed and good review! I feel like I owe you a very long response, but I'm not sure what to respond to. You explained the game in great detail with a bit of humorous touch. I'm glad you enjoy the game for what it is, thanks!

Who knows, maybe there is a secret use for rune of wishes. Well, until then, Moar dragonstone!

Not a bad game, but gameplay needs to be sped up. Getting beyond the second mine should not take so long and the cost for health rises much to fast compared to the little return you get from selling stuff at the store. It would also be nice if you didn't have to completely start over if your health reaches zero.

Maxiecole responds:

I will make it so dying is a bit less harsh in the next update.

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3.60 / 5.00

Feb 14, 2014
5:58 AM EST
Adventure - Other