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Discoverer 5 Points

Checked credits page

Getting Started 5 Points

Buy 3 upgrades

Silent Player 5 Points

Play Without Music

Auto Clicker 10 Points

Click 10,000 Times

Clicker 10 Points

Clicked 1,000 Times

Fisherman 10 Points

Catch 50 fishes

Getting Richer 10 Points

Earn 10,000 Stars

Logger 10 Points

Hit the beanstalk 50 times

Miner 10 Points

Mine 50 ores

Bodybuilder 25 Points

Buy all stronger muscle upgrades

Fabulous 25 Points

Buy all outfit upgrades

Fancy 25 Points

Buy 10 outfit upgrades

Gamer 25 Points

Play game for 1 hour

Professional Employer 25 Points

Hire all workers

Like a Boss 50 Points

Clicked 50,000 Times

Star Killer 50 Points

Earn 1,000,000 Stars

Jack's Legacy 100 Points

Cut down the giant beanstalk

Upgrade Complete 100 Points

Buy All Upgrades

Author Comments

Edit: Thank you to whoever put this on the front page!

UPDATES 2/24/14:
- Updated the Merchant upgrade, you can now sell more ores per click during the later levels.
- Lowered the "Like a Boss" achievement, you only need 20,000 clicks now. The medal on NG is locked so it will still say 50,000 there, but you just need 20,000.
- If you missed out on Newgrounds registering an achievement, view the achievements menu and they should register for you.
- Re-did some of the save procedures. The game auto saves every 15 seconds. If you still lost your save file send me a private message. Thank you.

Mine, fish and cut down a giant beanstalk or prepare to face the wrath of some not-so friendly giants.

Programmer: Adam Vierra
Game Design: Diploms1
Musician/Artist: MB
Sponsored by: Notdoppler


While this game is very polished and has beautiful graphics, music, and achievements (always a plus for me personally), the gameplay leaves a lot to be desired. If feels very unfinished due to that, even though at first glace one would assume the complete opposite. Now, I didn't get very far into the game so maybe things picked up, but it was not able to keep my interest for that long.

I didn't really understand why he would be mining, and why he would start with a pickaxe instead of an axe. It felt like an unnecessary element, especially when thinking of the story. Jack got the beans because he was selling his and his mother's only source of wealth; a cow who had stopped producing milk. During the story, Jack brings back a large sum of wealth, a hen that lays golden eggs, and a harp that plays itself. I don't see when or how Jack's son would get into mining. Maybe if there was some explanation to that somehow, something summing up the events between the end of Jack and the Beanstalk and the beginning of this game, explaining the situation. When did he get a son, what's the story behind that? Where is he and his mother now? I didn't finish the game so maybe there is some explanations to these questions later on, but I saw no room for story growth.

Overall you did a great job with the esthetics, and the achievements are rather nice, but the unfinished feel to the gameplay and story development still shows, and I wish the gameplay was equal to the graphics.

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I liked playing this game, it is an interesting experience (if you have the patience), but there are two things in my opinion that are the major flaws, the "Like a Boss" achievement, because I finished the game with around 11,600 clicks by upgrading everything, so there is simply no reason to try to click 50,000 times. And the ending is just non-existant, it could be better if followed by an epilogue, just like it has an introduction. Apart from that, it is a good game and can be pretty addicting.

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I beat your game. Auto clicker software FTW.

Overall nice looking, but gameplay leaves alot to be desired. It roped me in for 10 minutes, then I realize it was a clicky game. Just not worth my time. Also, don't mean to pick, but Jack the Luber? You might want to fix that.

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I don't like cutting down the beanstalk. don't know why you set it to 999,999. too many clicks. but I like everything.

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Credits & Info

3.68 / 5.00

Feb 13, 2014
1:02 PM EST
Skill - Other