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Jumper 2

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Jumper is on another trip, but there are lots of new enemies in the way.
Flasher - He died.
Spike - When he kill's you, he no longer dies too!
Ghost - A lost sole.
Fire - He's on fire.
Boss - He's bad ass.
You no longer need to press R - Reset Level
Arrow's - Move around
Space - Jump
Plasmarift came up with the idea to add medal's, scoring, make new enemies.

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Terrible game. The hitbox collision just ruined everything. The graphics are really bland as the character designs were half-assed.

Also, why in the world did there need to be six beta testers for a game that's not that great at all?

Only thing I liked was the soundtrack and that's about it.

i can deal with the simple art. I can even deal with the liberal hitboxes. What i can't deal with is, is that jumping only works about half the time when you click space. The controls are horrid, makes this game frustrating.

The jumping was more challenging then most platformers and the game was still very simple. Loved it.

Such huge hitboxes... But it has medals. 10/10.

The drawings looked like they were made half assed on paint, but I'm guessing that was the idea of it. The amount of levels was pretty respectable, and changing characters at one point of the game was a breathe of fresh air. The choice of audio was decent as well. The hit detection was a little clunky, but it did add to the difficulty. The addition of having a high score also gave the game some replay value. I enjoyed collecting all the medals. Fun game.