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Next Episode: The Game

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A game I've always wanted to make because I have odd expectations for both myself and my skill set.

You'll hear the last few bars of The Next Episode by Dr. Dre featuring Nate Dogg. Click the green button when you think Nate should be rapping the line "Smoke weed every day." If your timing is perfect, you'll get a perfect score of 0. If not, your score is based on how off-beat you were. The higher the score, the more off you were. If you click too soon, you're hype; if you click too late, you're chill.


Smok da weed up. i only smok dank ku$h, strong but not to strong m8 blaze dda heeeerrrbbbb

It's just too easy...i begin to listen to the music to see where i have to click and five minutes later, i have 3 times in row 1. You can add other music to complete the chalenge and add, like a tutorial, a place where you can see when you have to click.

i just dont get it.

pacdude responds:

Go listen to the last 30 seconds of The Next Episode.

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2.89 / 5.00

Feb 12, 2014
5:21 PM EST
Skill - Typing