Number Avalanche

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Arcade 5 Points

Try the arcade mode!

Crushed 5 Points

Get crushed!

First Equation 5 Points

Solve your first equation.

Introduction 5 Points

Watch the whole introduction

Restart 5 Points

An impossible equation? Restart a level!

Alien Invasion 10 Points

Survive an alien invasion

Cleaner 10 Points

Make a full cleanup for the dream gateway!

Great Pyramid 10 Points

Find the great pyramid!

Levels 05 10 Points

Complete 5 levels

Levels 10 10 Points

Complete 10 levels

Levels 15 10 Points

Complete 15 levels.

Levels 20 10 Points

Complete 20 levels!

Levels 25 10 Points

Complete 25 levels.

Rainy day 10 Points

Survive a rainy day

Self-contamination 10 Points

Let the contagion solve an equation.

Stars 20 10 Points

Get 20 stars

Stars 40 10 Points

Get 40 stars.

Stars 60 10 Points

Get 60 stars

Stars 90 10 Points

Get 90 stars

Stars Full 3 10 Points

Get 3 stars from a 3 star level

Tutorial 10 Points

Finish the tutorial levels.

Zeroes 10 Points

Make an ll zeroes equation.

Arcade Basic Level 10 25 Points

Reach level 10 in basic arcade!

Arcade Contagious Level 10 25 Points

Reach level 10 in contagious arcade!

Basic Arcade Master! 25 Points

Scover over 10 000 in basic arcade mode!

Block Buster 25 Points

Destroy over 10 000 blocks.

Blocks 30 25 Points

Destroy at least 30 blocks with a single equation in Story mode.

Contagious Master! 25 Points

Scover over 5000 in the contagious arcade mode!

Equation 1000 25 Points

Scover over 1000 with one equation in Arcade mode.

Speed Complete! 25 Points

Complete the speed run mode.

Speed Master! 25 Points

Beat the speed run in less than 45 minutes!

Stars 120 25 Points

Get all 120 stars!

Story Complete! 25 Points

Complete the story mode!

Story master! 25 Points

Beat the story mode in an overall time of less than 25 minutes!

Author Comments

Can you survive the chilling dream that has been infested with falling numbers? Shoot green and red bolts to create colored block groups. Avoid falling blocks and match the sums of the two groups to explode the blocks!

Once you catch the drift, try your skills in the frantic arcade mode!

UPDATE 2014-02-20: The loader should now be fixed, but do tell if there are still some problems. At least two people had earlier reported problems loading the game with Firefox. So if you're having problems with firefox, try some other browser. Thanks.

UPDATE 2014-03-24 Mochiscores replaced with GamerSafe hiscores as Mochimedia is going down.

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this loaded for me which was delightful. This is a great game with medals.
the medals are great.
keep it up
I played it nicely

JeffersonTD responds:

Thank you! I'm glad you liked the game!

After your review I also put another update in, so now I don't think anyone should have those preloader problems.

So basically I think the main problem with your game is that it starts off way too difficult, I understand that you want to make it difficult and give it replay value but some of the levels are way too hard to 3 or 4 star it's been days and I think it put off a lot of ppl. The frustration begins on level 9 I dont think most ppl got how the mechanics of your game works. I enjoyed the arcade mode and I really think that it outshines the whole game, its fun and has replay value. Overall I'd like to see other reviews on this game because frankly I think its a good game and I think most ppl agree but the difficulty factor deters them from really saying anything because it's a difficult game to even complete in the first place.

JeffersonTD responds:

Thanks for the comments!

I did try to make the game introduce the concepts one by one so that it would be easier to grasp. At the same time what I kind of wanted to avoid was repetition, so every level pretty much introduces something new. That of course can make it feel harder than if every concept was repeated in several levels.

Regarding level 9: it actually has an extra instruction that triggers after 1 minute 20 seconds and pretty explicitly tells you what you need to do: shoot all blocks red and then shoot green in the middle (or vice versa, all blocks green and red in the middle). I suppose I should make the delay shorter.

I'd of course also be happy to see more reviews commenting on the game. But you're probably right that as the concept takes a bit more effort to grasp, it takes more to write a review too.

Anyway, I'm glad you like the game and the arcade mode in general. Feel free to drop me PM if you have further comments/feedback.

Don't work, stops on summing up.

JeffersonTD responds:

Are you using Firefox?

Also wouldn't load for me, refreshed 3 times

JeffersonTD responds:

I've tried with different computers (Mac and PC) and browsers and for me it's working. :|

The game doesn't start at all.

JeffersonTD responds:

There was really unfortunately a flaw in the preloader. :(

But that should be fixed now. In case there is still a problem with loading, please refresh the page.

Credits & Info

2.13 / 5.00

Feb 12, 2014
1:59 PM EST
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