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Yeah I know it's long.

Slackman is the superhero lurking within all of us, he has incredible potential, but decides he can't be bothered putting it to any use. He gets up late, sits around the house and gets drunk.

All feedback welcome.

I must have spent a lot of time on this, I already know that it isn't perfect, but I learnt a lot doing this and hopefully my next animation will be much better :)

*Update 12-2-14*

I'm blown away with the positive feedback, and it's a huge honour and pleasure to receive Daily 5th Place :) It is a testament to how sad and nerdy I am that this pleases me so much. If you enjoyed this then make sure to favourite my account to stay in the loop with my future animations, I've got some good upcoming projects in the pipeline x x


An unanticipated hero saves the day! I wonder what happened to tha bullet would at the end, was it just a distraction? Did it maraculously heal? Is it a fullblown plot inconsistency? The story otherwise is great, love how it starts off with him just sleeping through disaster... both alarm/cellphone signal were surprisingly realistic too.

I'd have thought he'd just wait for the old lady to cross the street, since he is Slackman you know. No rush. Just a minute of old-lady-crossing-street animation was what I'd expected. But anyway, great voice acting; animation; surprisingly flat room decor but that doesn't bother too much. Nice work!


Fim responds:

Originally there was a scene where he flies to the bathroom to take a shower, and you get to see all the clutter and old pizza littering the floor, but I decided to cut that in the end because it made the whole thing drag out too long. That's definitely made me realise the importance of succinct story-boarding! Thanks for the review, I appreciate the feedback, and I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

Haha this pretty good.
I like the way you draw the characters and the backgrounds, and the colors you utilize are interesting as well.
Slackman's a great anti-hero with his unenthusiastic personality and all XD
I hope we get to see more of his misadventures down the road.
Keep up the hilarious work!

As a sagitarius, I resent that! lol great job on this

Fim responds:

Thanks a lot, I'm really glad you enjoyed it :)

dog I want this so be a series. love the color and the dark themes. especially like that grid joke :)

Fim responds:

Cheers man, although I'm sure you've already seen pieces of this in the developmental stage. I'm not sure if I'll end up doing another episode. I'm going to see what the response is like to this first :)

May this reach the front page.

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3.83 / 5.00

Feb 11, 2014
2:13 PM EST
Comedy - Original