Jeff the Killer

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Sorry this is another of my creepy games... xD!
I can't hold to Halloween xD!

Move with 'A' 'D' or arrow keys, Run with 'z', 'm'or shift key.
Hide with up key arrow or ' W' (when you are close to an furniture of you can hide)
Hide is not always safe,,

and press down or up key* to pass by a door(? or stair .

You can see when he is coming by the dark light (?

Check EXTRAS to mute music or sound And Moar

Video walkthrough: (10:40)


Don't pay attention to the guy who speak, it's me but I'm crazy and also I speak in Spanish XD!

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Hiding should give you a better chance of staying hidden and you should also have a thing with the breathing like "X" to hold your breath, but the screen gets bluer the longer you hold it and if you hold too long you pass out and can't do anything for 5 seconds or something.

Lovely use of my face.

Why would anyon run away from me? I just wat a hug.

I was scared in this game when the jeff comes close to me.i did not really skared in that jeff screen.I only skared because you don't know - he's gonna kill you or you will survive. you have this feeling when you are hiding,or opening the door.
Cool story but short.

lol i starded walking backwards XD

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3.47 / 5.00

Feb 11, 2014
9:57 AM EST
Adventure - Other