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Free Fred

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As a kid, your best friend was a dolphin, some bad guys kidnapped it and now, while you are older, you are going to fight them. Upgrade your abilities and ship till you'll win.

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awesome great storyline.

Why do those ducks do so much damage? Jeez...

And if you think about it, aren't the first enemies you see in this game suicide bombers trying to bomb an actual terrorist? Makes you think again about terrorism, doesn't it?

Actually though, great game. It's pretty difficult, but not unfair. When you die, you're forced to blame yourself. Not many games like this can do that. Good job. I love everything about this game. Just one suggestion: Maybe you could buy a scanner or something like that on the second or the last ship you buy, something that marks enemies that damage you for 5 or so seconds. So you can get revenge faster and easier. And for those people who have a strategy for this game.
But yeah, other than that, the mechanics are pretty much as good as they can get.

EDIT: Wait, kamikaze planes, too? Oof.

Really great game i liked it.

Fun little time waster. I enjoyed it very much, but it got super annoying playing the first two parts over and ov er and over. Other than that, great!

That simple shooter was just what I needed! :) I loved the graphics, with the nuts and bolts flying around and audibly flopping into the sea... The combination of ships and flying enemies made it interesting - sneaky helicopters!. I did miss some explanation on what upgrades do - health is obvious, but weapons seem to just do more damage, no rate of fire change or anything, and I'm still not sure what upgrading the repair chopper does... Also might've been nice to make the big cannon shoot by clicking, a bit of additional interaction. Anyway, sweet!