Labyrinth: SoS

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Acid Drop 10 Points

Lure an enemy into an acid pool

Ammo Ambush 10 Points

Reach 99 Ammo

Breaking and Entering 10 Points

Break into a Boss Battle without Destroying all the Orbs First

Daft Punk 10 Points

Get the Strongest Armor Helmet

Reptile Ransack 10 Points

Beat the Boss

Power Presence 25 Points

Collect all 7 Permanent Upgrades in One Game

Sky Commander 25 Points

Get the wings

Lucky 13 50 Points

Reach Level 13

Author Comments

Enter the randomly-generated castle labyrinths of Shadow Haven to defeat the dark forces of evil that lurk within. Find permanent power-ups to aid you in your 4-legged quest, but be careful... one false step will start you over from square-one in this roguelike platformer!

Compete for the highest score by crawling through the most dungeons!

Try FULLSCREEN mode for total immersion!

DEFAULT CONTROLS (Customize-able from Main Title Screen):
A = Jump
S = Attack
D = Grenade/Missile (if you have a weapon and ammo)

P = Pause
R = Reset
M = Go to Main Title Screen
F = Toggle Fullscreen Mode
Toggle Sound = (available from pause menu)

Note: Experiencing teleporting or excessive lag? Use Firefox or Internet Explorer, Chrome's flash player is bugged! Also, try playing in FULLSCREEN mode.


really fun roguelike game with beautiful pixel art graphics and great animation! 5 stars for sure!

I love this game, but I have restarted playing it in this days and now there is a bug: when I take the Daft Punk helmet and some other power up (like the wings) it doesn't disappear from the ground and make the door to the boss closed.

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The game itself is fine, but the disadvantage is that the levels are generated randomly and sometimes are impossible to complete.

PestoForce responds:

No level should be impossible...


Controls are decent, a platformer rogue-like is a smart idea, and its hard as shit.

I absolutely LOVE this game.

I like how this game is built. it's fun until you die, and then all that fun begins again. i feel like most game designers are used to games being a lot of work and giving players a whole bag of dicks to suck if they even want to dream of having fun beating it, because that's how it was for them when they played ridiculous games that you had to slave to in order to beat. and i say fuck that shit, i want to have fun playing a game while i climb that mountain. and if i have to start over because i was a dumbass that fell into a pit of acid and lost all my cool shit and have to start over, then fuck it, why not? i had fun doing it.

i like the daft punk helmet =]

This game reminds me a lot of the game SmartBall for the SNES, climb on walls, get power-ups out of objects.

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Credits & Info

4.34 / 5.00

Feb 10, 2014
2:42 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Other