A Cute Bunny Story

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Author Comments

Back in 2008, I started to learn Flash and produced my first animated film. This is the result. Since then, I've learned actionscript and started making games.
This swf was uploaded back then (through another account), but was later removed and forgotten. A few months ago, I found it on an archiver website. It was a pretty nice surprise. I just decided now to put it back online and share it. This is the way I left it.

A few notes:
- This was my first animation. It took around a month or two, but I just concentrated on this one project and didn't do much else at that time.
- This was originally made for a girl who's now my ex (Mia).
- Some of the other characters were later used to make a couple other short animations (where the story wasn't that good actually). Those are completely lost. Aside from the two main characters (pink and yellow) There are the punk bunny (blue), the french bunny, the gay bunny, and that other female bunny.
- I had to edit the hell out of one of the scene, because it seemed to contain a "taboo subject". (through misinterpretation). Please be aware that was never the author's intention, and I just misanimated the scene!
- The 5 min version is useless. I just put it there because people found 10 min to be too long, but actually it's just the movie cut in half.
- There's ENGLISH and FRENCH subtitles! (cause I'm French). To change the language click on [subtitle]

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so... are they going out or is that it?

I can tell this was made in 2008.
The animation is not very fluent, but it's from 2008, so I can't really criticize it that much.
It's okay, but not anything special.

jacklehamster responds:

Yeah I know, nothing special, but it was quite special back then...

I was going say it looked very retro with the design and coloring and AOL sound FX... then I reread the description which explains why.

It was a nice story. I might have released it in installments as to not lose the ADHD kids three minutes in...

Hope you think about making some more movies now that your flash skills have grown. Your games a great but sometimes I just like to sit back n' be told a story... :)

jacklehamster responds:

I'm always thinking about making movies, but now I find myself constantly working on a game project. What I might try sometimes is to produce a game that's strongly story driven.

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3.96 / 5.00

Feb 10, 2014
8:00 AM EST
Comedy - Original