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Tin Foil Woman 5 Points

Killing the first boss!

Twig Arm Man 5 Points

Killing the second boss!

Flag Man 10 Points

Killing the third boss!

Gabe The Ape 25 Points

Killing the fourth boss!

Limited Viking 50 Points

Killing the fifth boss!

Boss with boobs 100 Points

Killing the main boss!

Author Comments

For more nerd killing action. Visit- www.heropunch.com

Here comes a shooter that will wipe out all pesky comicbook nerds. ComicBookMovie is about the journey of Brix the Stickguy who hates nerds who like light-hearted and generic movies. Join him as he fight his way through waves of enemies. Destroy all the annoying nerds once and for all. There are 12 intense levels with lots of weapons and upgrades and 6 challenging boss fights.

Mouse to control the hero. Keys 1, 2, 3, 4 for special attack 1. Spacebar for special attack 2.


Here is something all game designers need to remember when considering making a bullet hell game...1. There will be lots of enemies and bullets on the screen for a lot of the game. 2. This is a Flash game and Flash is the least efficient program ever. 3. People HATE lag. And then ask themselves if they are up to the challenge to code the game so that there will be no lag even when things get crowded. and if the answer is No, then make another genre of game.

Drones....No way to use them or there isn't a note of "Do X to use them." So skill points spent into that are worthless.

No way to respec, if a mission is basically impossible for you to pass, the weapon upgrades are terrible, the damage upgrades are worse. I'm 4/5 damage upgrade weapon 3, i'm failing to kill things on boss 3's mission that shouldn't be happening at being 90% maxed in power.

The horizontal and vertical blasts of freaking no where don't help either, your power scale of a hero compiled with the fact enemies blast everything while you are now being hit by random lines of bullets at which point become impossible to dodge.

Over all got annoying and thus bored really fast, needs to be balanced a lot better or skills need to go to higher levels or something, the progression of you vs enemies is you crap them great.

really cool game.I do appreciate it.But i feel pretty disappointed for the ppl who didn't like this :(. And nice music too.

Hollywood will always produce both oscar grabs and blockbuster moneymakers... always has, and always will... the fact that the it button happens to be superheroes right now is just a plus for us nerds. 3 star side scrolling shooter -.5 stars for implying that Gravity is on the same level as The Godfather.... that's just unforgivable. That's like comparing a nice ribeye steak at a decent restaurant to filet mignon from a five star restaurant; yes they're both better than a greasey burger-joint-burger, but you cannot compare them.

Just a correction though, not all nerds like the Avengers movie. The largest chunk of the Avengers movie fanbase is of course Joss Wheebum's fanboys and the Legion of BROS.

HeroPunchTeam responds:

Yeah! I'm making fun of that particular fanbase.

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Credits & Info

3.58 / 5.00

Feb 8, 2014
1:29 PM EST
Action - Shooter - Horizontal Flight