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Sex Kitten: TV Dinner!

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Runner-up of the first official "Direct a Sex Kitten Game" contest. Nice work, stupp! Here's hoping you take part in the next contest!


The story (or miserable excuse for one)

It's yet another perfect day in the nameless city where our idiot hero and his batshit-insane protagonist girlfriend Slutty McSlut lives in.

Without warning, our hero is sent out to find couch-food as Slutty McSlut's favorite TV Show "Speeddrawing Hentai" is coming up! Are you a bad enough dude to get what you want, when the last place you knew that sells takeaway food has been shot to pieces by an angry squid because they sold seafood?!

(out of breath)
Damn, long lines are hard...

File size: 5.18Mb
Because NG doesn't display that anymore for some reason.

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seeing comments from 2020 on this is surreal


Best goddamn series!

Omg she said the n word :D

Fun game, just like the rest of the series...
I don't know if anyone else pointed this out, but the question about Yoda's species is incorrect... His species is currently unknown... A rill (misspelled ingame as Wrill) is a reptilian creature native to Tatooine... The other choice, Rodian, is the race of aliens that Greedo belonged to...