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Blackbeard's Escape

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There was smooth sailing on your boat which transported goods to the new world. You didn't even dream what's going to happen next. The sound of cannon ball flying split the silent night. There was no silence in the moments that followed, the sounds of crashes and burning fire. Pirates jumping to your ship and capturing the crew. They took you on their ship, but somehow in the commotion you managed to escape them and ran. Place where you ended up was nothing other than captain's room!

Use your wit and explore the captain's room, to find means for your escape.

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Pretty good. Unlike the last two games, there's nothing really illogical here. Nice job!

Thanks to the walk through. I don't know why I had to catch the mouse with the hat and pegleg.

The first riddle was vague and was used to solve two puzzles (the globe and the wheel). I got the second riddle cos it's pretty obvious with the telescope. e.e

the game is tight but that silly music is annoying..

Love the FMV animations like late 90 first person adventures, the rudder puzzle only works in the left position, maybe you'll want to fix that, otherwise really cool game