Lodge Massacre 2

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Get into the haunted lodge where horrible events have been witnessed.

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I love how in both games the ammo is shown on a revolver barrel while the protagonist is clearly holding a pistol XD , for the rest very good games both of them. Good looking, good ambience and cheesy fun and the gameplay just works.

Good game, but the skulls puzzle was not obvious to solve.

Dear undead Jesus where do I start, Being a cryptic solving bastard I am, I pieced together the clues given around the camp, dear me little on the tough side for my taste. I like how you introduced the run feature this time around, but I it only helped make me wish the game was always on run, more then anything. This time the character i right ammo is hard to come by, and wasting a clip can force you to restart the game over.

The new zombie monster was under used, and very few real jump scares, or silly things like last game, which is what I was looking forward to, it was nice to see jason no shirt again. It does beg the question, the fuck kind of satan magic makes knife fly up in the air and wait for a person, to dive bomb them turn into fountain of blood(which btw I still fund amusing).

All in all above average, but only by half a point.

Also Hi slowbeef, and diabetes

i really liked the first one. I can't seem to get anywhere on this one though. where do I find a key? do I shoot the bird? what is with the radio? I need help.

It's okay...